Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Female Sociopath’s Euthanasia Mission

From:  Lovefraud

By pseudonym - "Maura"

Editor’s Note: This story was submitted by the Lovefraud reader whom we’ll call “Maura.”
To me dying in old age should be a serene peaceful experience. A time when one is surrounded and supported by loving family members and friends. However, when a sociopath spouse is entered into the mix those normal expectations can be thrown straight out the window. The sociopath will hijack the situation and you will be constantly blindsided. The sociopath will be relentlessness in preventing family and friends from being at the bedside. Instead of focusing your time and energy on the patient, it will be continually diverted to dealing with the sociopath’s latest havoc.

Grieving, widowed dad meets and marries wife number two (W2)
This story begins 17 yrs ago. Our Dad at the age of 64 had been happily married for the past 42 years when Mum died suddenly. Within six weeks of Mum’s death our vulnerable grieving father met a 67 year old woman who had recently moved to into the area from interstate. Dad’s greatest fear was being alone. In hindsight, we believe this woman had scoured through the obituaries in the local newspaper to find a suitable widow then hunted him down. Dad was a sitting duck.

Once she had ascertained that Dad was reasonably wealthy with prestigious connections he didn’t stand a chance. This woman was supremely confident, and claimed that she had been a Midwifery lecturer at a University as well as a trained Grief Counselor. She informed us that she had divorced her husband years ago because he was bipolar.  MORE

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