Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sociopaths and Christmas

From:  LoveFraud

by Donna Andersen

In your dreams and desires, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. You spend time with family and friends. You give and receive thoughtful gifts. If you are religious, you renew your faith.
Christmas is supposed to be special. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way, but at least that’s your goal.

So how do sociopaths view Christmas?

In my opinion, sociopaths view Christmas simply as another tool in their manipulation toolbox. They know that Christmas is important to their targets — that would be you — so they figure out how to use Christmas to advance their agendas.

So, if sociopaths are in the love bombing stage, they may shower you with gifts and create unbelievably magical moments.

If they’re in the exploitation stage, they may convince you to pay for gifts for them, the kids, or other people that they’re trying to take advantage of.

If they’re in the devalue and discard stage, they may ignore you at Christmas, or even let you know that they’re spending the holidays with someone else.

If they’re in the vindictive stage, they may intentionally think of ways to ruin Christmas for you, the kids, or other friends and family.  MORE

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Psychopaths and Psi Vampires

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

Most people today are familiar with the rule of 5%-15%-60% and 20%. Five percent of a population will consider a new idea of try someone once. Fifteen percent will try out a new idea if they are desperate. 60% will notice when around 15 – 20% are using a new product or accept a new idea and adopt it themselves. This varies by the status of those first users.

20% of any human population will never accept a new idea.

In 2006 I watched a news conference featuring Dick Cheney. Cheney struck me as having no sense of caring about the people who had died or the babies being born who were deformed by the use of Depleted Uranium. At one point I felt he was simply annoyed with having to spend time answering the questions. The photos of these sad little babies seemed to have no impact. It made my skin crawl.

Suddenly I asked myself, “Is Dick Cheney a psychopath?”

Today, many more are asking this question. In Cheney's latest round of media attention the question of whether or not he is a psychopath occurred thousands of times.

I had begun studying the work of Dr. Robert Hare on psychopathy a few months previously.

I googled the word “psychopath.” A couple of thousand hits showed up. Today when you google the term 9,950,000 results appear. The sites which came up in 2006 showed a lot of variety in understanding the term. Many still think the term means only serial killers, but this is changing.

Professionals and increasing number os lay people have come to understand most psychopaths are not violent, their behavior exhibits through a lack of conscience and empathy.

This illustrates the process of adoption of a new idea in a population.

The first adopters for understanding the condition, a small percentage of people, the 5% - 15%, finally hit the 60%. This does not mean the 60% have a clear understanding of the condition but that they know it exists and vaguely what the term means.

These trends happen over a period of time as the idea is considered and adopted first by the 5%, then by the 15% and then begins to gain ground in the 60%.

People are by nature conservative in refining their understanding taking cues from those in authority and examining the evidence.

Articles published which use the term or about psychopaths are now into main stream publications. Financial theories are now taking the condition into account.

This process for adoption took longer than eight years. Hare began publishing on the subject over twenty years ago. But the acceptance of the existence of the condition is now established.

Probably the most significant advance in understanding and acceptance came as a result of the use of the fMRI, a form of brain scan, which revealed the lack of reaction in the amygdala of criminals believed to be psychopaths when shown films of shocking harm done to people.

The term 'Psychopath' was first used in 1880. In the 1930s another psychiatrist began using the term, 'sociopath.' Most practitioners today consider the terms interchangeable.

When you google the term, Psi Vampire, you get 483,000 results. Tellingly, many of these originate from websites which state they are in place to assist psi vampires.

Here is the first site which came up, the second from the search which claimed to be created for the use of Psi Vamps.

All information on this site or on any sites linked to it should be taken as purely opinion and not fact.  We are here to carry on the information in an educational manner, and do not encourage using this information in a harmful or distasteful manner.  Keep your minds open while being sure to keep them skeptical.
I myself was very skeptical when my awakening occurred.  In fact, it wasn't until a few months after that my abilities grew to the point where I knew that what I was reading and learning pertained to me.
So, with that out of the way, here is what we have to offer you;
Well, what are you waiting for?  I hope you find the site informative and thought provoking.  If you have any questions or comments, email The Author at: psy@thecoven.org

Deep Feeding
This site, psychicvampire.org/resources/feeding/, provides detailed information on how to engage in three forms of psi feeding, ambient, contact, and deep feeding. These terms, with slight variations defining the same basic techniques, occur again and again and are clearly terms are referring to a common body of understanding. This is also true of the instructions for the newly practicing psi vampire.
These is strong evidence of an existing, but relatively small, community. Hits were about 550.
Deep Feeding it reports as, feeding off a specific persons core soul energy.”
Not surprisingly, the sites state permission should be given before deep feeding takes place. Many psi vampires show evidence of concern for those from who they take energy.
The process of adoption and the small size of the population who claim to be psi vampires points to a longer span for acceptance. But the evidence online points to a population who believe they are taking of energy which they did not, themselves, produce.
The justifications for this, which could be expected, strengthen the possibility psi vampires exist.
The ability to feed on the energy of others is not refuted by the evidence now building on the quantum nature of life, but there has, as yet, been no medical consideration of the issue as has already taken place with psychopaths.

If this is not a mass hallucination this will happen, however, leaving other questions to be considered.

The question of what happens if a psychopath is also an energy or psi vampire is just one of these.