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ARTICLE - Synopsis of I, Psychopath

 A tutorial for understanding Craig and the other psychopaths we are encountering in this process. 


I, Psychopath, Part One

I, Psychopath
I, Psychopath - Synopsis
Thu, 25 Mar 2010 09:42 CD
Despite the best advice of the world's top experts, Australian documentary-maker Ian Walker was naive to think he could study a psychopath in the wild and not get hurt.

"I didn't really understand how manipulative a psychopath can be," the director of I, Psychopath now admits. "I thought it would be a fair fight. After all, the filmmaker has the power, really. The power of the camera and the edit."

But, as it turns out, Walker chose his subject well. 47 year-old Israeli-born Sam Vaknin is a former corporate criminal and a self-proclaimed master of manipulation and reinvention. Walker first interviewed him several years ago as the author of the book Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited.

Walker was intrigued by a throwaway line where Vaknin professed he thought himself a "corporate psychopath". Afterwards, the film-maker spent several years researching the subject, but always wanted to make a film which might show psychopathic behaviour in action. Because of his narcissism, Vaknin was almost certain to say "Yes".

So, in February 2008, joined by Vaknin's long-suffering but ever-loyal wife Lidija, the threesome embarked on a diagnostic road trip to the world's top experts in psychopathy. Via a battery of psychological testing and brain scanning experiments, Vaknin becomes the world's first civilian to willingly seek a diagnosis for psychopathy.

The scientists are pleased to meet him. The "non-violent" or "white collar psychopath" is a test subject they rarely find in their labs. Much about them, including how their brains work, remains a mystery.

"They don't come to the attention of the science but also not to the attention of the social system because they are not criminal," explains German-based neurobiologist Professor Niels Birbaumer. "They are not violent, viciously violent and that's why we don't know them. But their impact on society is tremendous, and it was never studied."

In I, Psychopath, there are effectively two films happening in parallel. As the encounters between Sam and the scientists unfold, the relationship between subject and director shifts and changes, inadvertently supplying a voyeuristic first hand account of what it is like to deal with an everyday "non-violent" psychopath.

Vaknin proves to be the real thing, scoring an 18 out of 24 on the official Psychopathy Checklist (Screening Version). Most people, outside of prison, would score a zero or one, according to the Checklist's inventor Professor Bob Hare.  MORE

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The Highly Intelligent Psychopath - Achieving Deviant Goals

                                                                                                     by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

                                                                                    by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Understanding how psychopaths manipulate their victims, and even work together to prey on others, is a subject, about which, the public needs to be informed. Additionally, Americans need to understand the gravest threat to our personal autonomy and freedom, highly intelligent psychopaths. While less intelligent psychopaths also exact monetary costs, more intelligent ones destroy our institutions, using these for their own ends. These are the ones who work their way up the corporate ladder and into Congress, after all.
Psychopaths were estimated by neuroscientist Kent Kiehl to cost Americans 460 billion every year.
The series of stories you are about to read move from the personal to the corporate and political, following the acts of individual psychopaths.

This is a story using my own, real life, experiences, and those related to me by other victims. This series of articles will examine the strategies and so illustrate how psychopaths think.

These stories illustrate how psychopaths operate together and how and why others tolerate what is happening, in business and personally.

The first two psychopathic individuals discussed in this series are Craig Franklin and Morgan Barteaux Gell (AKA Pillsbury). In this article we focus on Franklin. I was once married to Franklin.

I gave birth to Morgan, whose biological father was, I recently learned, a psychopath, when I was 18. When Morgan, then Carolyn Anne Barteaux, was born I had already left him. There is strong evidence psychopathy, or tendencies to the condition, are inheritable.

This specific story chronicles sexual deviancy tolerated by a major defense contractor, now providing drone technology to our government. Most Americans are horrified by the off shore use of drones, and even more so, at the idea these will be used by law enforcement in America.

We ask ourselves, how could those who provide the technologies have failed to see the use of drones as a gross violation of human decency? The short answer is they knew, quite well. The longer answer is that profits trump all other considerations all too often. The corporate toleration for shocking behavior, herein illustrated, makes their production of drone technology entirely understandable.

Individuals whose standards for acceptable behavior change due to their association with psychopaths, are known as 'situational' psychopaths. The shift toward behavior which harms others in politics and business is now believed, by many, to be related to the number of highly psychopathic individuals  in these arenas.

This story begins with a document, already published to the Internet, written by my youngest daughter, Ayn Pillsbury which shows the strategy laid out by a psychopath intent on gaining sexual access to little girls who viewed him as a father.

Ayn's Declaration, written for the court in Santa Barbara in 1999, outlines events which took place eleven years previously when she was around twelve, in the presence of her sister Dawn, her brothers, Arthur and Justin, and her step-brother, Scott. Morgan Barteaux (AKA Pillsbury),was not present, as was usual. She was, at the time, attempting to extract Eddy van Halen from his marriage.

The most relevant part of the Declaration is at the beginning, but reading it in its entirety adds further insights.

The first episode of violence I recall was the year I was in eighth grade. That would have been in the autumn of 1988. Craig had taken us into the family room, just the kids. Mom wasn’t there. Craig wanted to talk to us about how incompetent Mom was. It was bad stuff about Mom. He was trying to win our loyalty. So then Mom came home and came into the room wanting to participate in the discussion. Craig was very angry and told her he was having a private discussion with the kids and that she wasn’t welcome.

Of course, being our mother, she believed the contrary. None of us objected to her being there. Then he became very loud and vituperative and became vocally and physically intimidating. He wrestled Mom to the ground and was on top of her holding her down and hitting her and so all of us kids were torn. We didn’t know what to do. We wanted to get him off of her, so I picked up a bar bell which was probably from 12 - 15 pounds and sort of tapped Craig with it on the back, not really wanting to hurt him but wanting him to realize that we didn’t approve of what he was doing. I don’t know how well it worked. Eventually he got off her.

There was some discussion for a while, Mom saying why she should be able to stay and Craig saying why she should leave. Then Craig again became very angry and punched Mom in the jaw, knocking her out cold. Of course she was standing so she fell over and I thought she might have struck her head on the hearth stones. So she hit the floor and we were all worried she was dead. She wasn’t responding. Craig left her there. We ran and got some water and someone felt her pulse. Then Scott and Edi (AKA Arthur) and Justin went to call the police. We stayed with Mom until she came around and the police came but Craig wasn’t arrested because Mom told them not to arrest him.

Mom did not hit Craig. Mom never hit Craig. Mom is the least violent person I know. Craig never scrupled to use physical intimidation to get what he wanted.”

I had asked Ayn to recall those times she remembered Craig battering me. In 1999 I did not understand really what Ayn's declaration documented, if considered along with events taking place after 1999. Now, with more information from his multiple relationships, the answers are glaring.

Craig began to denigrate me to my children and others who knew us as soon as we were married. He constructed and spun stories to make me look incompetent, stupid, venal, and unworthy of the respect due to a mother. This was essential to his goal of gaining access to my daughters so he could live out his fantasies of violation and incest. Destroying the credibility of the victim is essential. This was present in each instance, my own and others.

For psychopaths the truth is irrelevant. The story which advances their goal is the story which is told.

Strategies such as these take forward planning, demonstrating one of the less understood aspects of intelligent psychopaths, the ability for strategic planning and patience, coupled with complete ruthlessness in the advancement of the goal.

Craig's I. Q. is 180. Forward planning is as natural to him as breathing.

At the time, in 1988, I suffered a concussion and had no memories, for quite some time, of what had transpired. I did not, then remember Craig battering me or talking to the police. The children told me what had happened, but with no details. Now, officers responding to this kind of situation would have known not to listen to me. People with concussions are not capable of making informed decisions.

Additionally, I suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Craig should have been out of the home – not just because of what he did to me but because of what he was then just beginning to do to my children. I say, “my children,” because although he later went through a form of adopting them, naming them as his children in his will, this was, clearly, only a step in a process which was not about being a father, but rather living out his sexual fantasies. Eliminating my former husband, their father, from the equation, was part of his plan. Ron Foster, relinquishment of parental rights.

Ron relinquished his rights, June 21, 1989. Craig adopted the children June 26, 1989. The two events were clearly related. Craig would go into court and lie on this point ten years later, having conspired with his divorce attorney, Jacqueline Misho, to steal the records.

Denigrating one parent by another is known as Parental Alienation Syndrome. This technique is used to manipulate children and gain their trust. The same technique is used by sexual predators to alienate children from those who will protect them. Craig was not a parent in any terms we would accept because his goal was, in the first instance, sexually predatory.

Morgan also engaged in alienating my children from me, first for her own purposes, then to support Craig in his agenda. For the psychologically disordered, harm to others, is not a consideration.

While Legal Abuse Syndrome is now recognized as a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, abuse suffered at the hands of a psychopath is not seen as causing similar, and worse, symptoms. I have survived only because I began to study the symptoms and understand psychopathy, despite the emotional anguish suffered, which included the realization I had never had a relationship with either Craig or Morgan. No one has a relationship with a psychopath in any normal, human, sense.

I began to understand this when I retrospectively put together a time line, remembering what he had told me, and what he had done. Then, I understand his real motives. This year I did the same for Morgan.

The marriage I had entered into was a fraud used to gain access to my children, milk me for money, and use me in a variety of other ways. Craig's intention was to accomplish his goal and leave me penniless. Keep this in mind, as the theme will reoccur.

The psychologically disordered use familiar human institutions as avenues for carrying out their predatory behavior routinely. Marriage, parenthood, all familial relations, make us vulnerable when psychopaths are involved. We need to understand this, our courts need to be take this into account.

Those who benefit by enabling these behaviors for their own profit must be taught this is a form of fraud which will not be tolerated.

In public officials, for instance judges, either engaging in this behavior, or allowing it to take place by others, for profit, should be grounds for removal and incur liabilities. It can also be handled as a violation under color of law.

Craig's Corporate Partner

In this instance Dan O'Dowd, who with his wife, Amy owns 97% of Green Hills Software, Inc. had little real experience with business when he partnered with Glenn Hightower, his boss, and founded GHS in 1982. Craig, who he hired as Senior Vice President for Advanced Products Development in 1986, prevented him from having to return to Hightower for more funding and diluting his holding by actually selling Green Hills products before he even knew Dan. Craig read the code and judged them simply on their merits, recommending their purchase to companies with which he was doing business.

Craig also provided the edge expertise which made Dan's success possible from the late 1980s until he, Dan, was able to orchestrate a forced buy-out of Hightower in 1998 – 1999. This link, and the links which follow, tell the story through the court documents generated from the resulting law suit.

The opinion expressed by the court in [d.] was that Hightower was likely to prevail if there is proof of unlawful action by O'Dowd. While there had, in fact, been a conspiracy to make it impossible for Hightower to exercise his option to buy O'Dowd out Hightower was unable to prove this at the time.

The deal struck between Craig and Dan was for Dan to recharacterize the stock and for Craig to run the 'Green Hills Personnel Strike.' Promises of lavish benefits were made by Craig to other key personnel. Morgan's 2001 Deposition touches on the conspiracy in which Craig was paid to organize the strike by an exchange of favors. One of these was O'Dowd's having a fraudulent stock option agreement written.

But it is very possible the manipulation went on in several directions. Dan and Craig saw a lot of each other and while Craig and I were still married Craig would come home shaking with rage because Dan passed on to him remarks, Dan said, were from Glenn, which were far less than complementary toward Craig.

Dan' s own personal goal was to be richer than Bill Gates. To accomplish this he had to be rid of his partners. Stories of Dan's belief he was smarter and better at computers than Gates traveled to me both from Craig and others at the company. I have considered the possibility Dan, too is psychopathic, but lacking more substantial evidence than his willingness to destroy me, my children, and suborn the court system, I have no opinion in the matter.

However, this interesting note should be considered. In 2003, according to Anne Fisher, who was eating dinner with Craig when he showed her an envelope and told her what was inside. The envelope enclosed a deposition from a law suit settled in 2001 given by Morgan Pillsbury. It was addressed to John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. It was Green Hills Software, stationary and postage was paid.

The deposition inside was uncertified, meaning Morgan had no chance to review and edit the document. Craig would have had to obtain it from the Green Hills attorney. Why would Dan Risk providing this to John Fund if there was no accrued benefit to himself?

Look at the graph below, from the GHS site, for how much Dan benefited, and when. 

Craig joins GHS 1986 - Government Contracts 2003

Although it should not have been mailed, or placed on Fund's website, the deposition is, in fact, revealing. In the deposition Morgan states she has had a borderline personality disorder all of her life. But she had never been diagnosed as having one by a competent professional. She admits Craig came on to her sexually and recalls having conversations with him where he insisted on discussing his sexual attraction to her and to my other daughters.

Morgan relates Craig's goal of finding a blond haired, blue-eyed twenty-something woman who will cater to his every whim, as well and Craig's insistence Morgan, who he is also approaching sexually, find him other women as well.

John immediately put it up on his website, started for him by intimate friend, Gail Heriot. The two had been intimate for over a year at this time. Email documenting their meetings in various hotel rooms, dated 1/13/02 10:05 PM. John's only comment on the deposition was Morgan's admission she had a borderline personality disorder. But Craig's other reported activities coincide exactly with the same pattern exhibited later with Anne Fisher. When the deposition was given, in 2001, Anne and Craig were still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Craig would prove himself to be a serial abuser, with the same patterns recurring with multiple women.

At about the same time, 2003, Fund put up his website Dan was struck with a moment of patriotic fervor and started the Fallen Heroes Last Wish Foundation.   2010 2011 2012

From this time on government contracts became very much part of Dan's business. This suggests to me John Fund, through his friends Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, arranged government contracts as another exchange of favors.

Craig was very serious about leaving me destitute. In a phone recording made in 1999, Craig discussed stock options with Morgan. It is clear as you read, no matter what, Craig and Green Hills do not intend me to get even the tiny amount of stock the court awarded to me in the decision rendered in Divorce Judgment, August 16,1999.” It was planned in advance.

Craig had agreed to assist with Dan's take over of Green Hills to benefit himself. One of these 'benefits' was to destroy me financially, part by having a new stock option agreement written by Ruth Fisher, an attorney in Los Angeles, in late 1997 or very early 1998. Craig told this to Morgan at the time and, when we were again talking, she relayed this to me.

By 2003 John had his reasons for helping Craig. By then Morgan had stabbed Craig in the back and the war between Morgan and Fund had involved Fund's friends, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. Psychopaths routinely stab each other in the back.

Morgan had started talking to me again in 1999 because she needed me to provide support Craig had withdrawn and help her get Fund to the altar.

Until recently I did not realize what had actually transpired. I also had no idea I was being double-teamed by two psychopaths, Craig and Morgan.

I began to understand this when I retrospectively put together a time line, remembering what they had told me, done, and then understanding their real motives.

Craig's Fixation on Incest

Each of us is impacted by what happens in our own lives and from the reflected memories of those who raise us. Craig's first sexual arousal came when he was sixteen, while wrestling with his younger sister, Priscilla, then twelve. He did not molest her. But thereafter his focus would be young girls with whom he had a familial relationship, who were virgins, and who he was betraying. A life-time pattern was set.

Craig's parents were rigid, highly domineering, and cold. Craig's father, a double vice-president of the University of Southern California, was also an attorney. His reputation at USC was built on fundraising, and I was told, over and over again, he had raised over 100 million for the university.

Dr. Franklin's communications with his children came in the form of a news bulletin, announcing in gloating language, how much he had raised by persuading elderly people, whom he and his wife paid assiduous attention to, to leave money to the university instead of their families. These potential donors were never invited to their home, instead, Dr. Franklin and his wife entertained them at the Los Angeles Country Club, membership paid for by the USC. Listening to them discuss these people, gloating over their success and the anticipated consternation of the donors children, was disgusting.

Craig and his siblings grew up seeing this as normal.

Anne Fisher, another woman abused by Franklin

Anne Fisher, whose relationship with Craig continued for many years, first contacted me in the beginning of 2003 by email. Our communications continued sporadically over the years.

Craig had told her a story about his childhood he had not shared with me. When Craig was around two he wandered into the hallway at night and his mother, dressed in a scanty negligee, saw him, became angry, and spanked him with a Bible. According to Craig, as reported by Anne, she then went into her bedroom and engaged in sexual intercourse with her husband. It is, naturally, impossible to know if this happened, but from Anne's report it clearly had heavy significance for him.

Craig told me about his arousal with Priscilla, but I did not realize this was anything more than a single incident. Over the years we were together, however, I was occasionally uncomfortable at his insistence I have plastic surgery so I looked like his sister. I refused. Priscilla is blond, blue-eyed and her face is highly neotenous.

I took his peculiarities to be simple eccentricities of no real significance. I was obviously wrong on this point.

After Craig left me Ayn told me Craig had long been exposing himself to her when she walked past our room and I was not in the house. Further pieces of information seeped in through several sources, although I have never really been in contact with Craig again.

The same year I began talking to Anne a private detective I hired to get Craig's address for service of papers found Incest Pornography and a receipt from the sex shop in his trash neatly contained in a gift bag. He had watched Craig deposit it there.

Anne Fisher did not initially tell me very much about her relations with Craig. It was a serious relationship in that Anne became financially dependent on Craig, who agreed to fund a business she was starting and buy 'them' a home. He even took her and her two children to look at houses and found one he agreed to buy. Declaration Time Line No. 1 Time Line No. 2

The relationship was highly traumatic for her, and the stories she told me directly, and through letters and other documents she sent, were chilling.

Her relations with Craig put her, and her two children, at real risk, disrupted her real relationships and left her, and her children, homeless.

This is reproduced from Time Line 2 , which Anne sent me in 2008. The events chronicled date from around 2005, taking place after Craig had enticed her into dependence on him and then raped and destroyed her ability to make a living. Craig reentered her life when she was mending matters.

Anne Fisher -HE ASSURED ME THAT HE WOULD NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN… and that we would work together at this business, he with his business experience and my technical trade knowledge. I began to build the business.

At first it was great, until I was at the point of contracts and office space and equipment purchases. He became evil… during this time… That is the best way to describe it. He had me in his control again and he used me as anything but a business partner.

He held over my head that he would take the business, destroy the business… He used me as his own private escort service, making me meet with prostitutes, writing letters to his prostitutes and promoting him as a decent man so that possibly? He could get whatever he wanted. I found notes from other girls that he was investing in their company at the same time and sleeping with them and lies… to me… He gave one girl 30k, and he told me he could only give me 5500/month and had no money for the operating start up cash he had promised…. So, I had to pay my bills, around 3k and then take about 2k a month to push the company forward each and every month and in this time I was used like a butt wipe and was privy to the other arrangements that made me realize that I was being taken advantage of, however, I couldn’t step back or lose it all and I couldn’t really step up because? I felt I owed craig his share and would lose it all. In 2007 he paid my daughter 3k/month to help out and the halfway through the year, cut me off, and kept her on (to punish me or cause grief)… and my entire family saw me, my children, saw me homeless… after craig had promised me all this. I tried to commit suicide twice or more. Entered therapy I cannot afford and have terrible shame, guilt and embarrassment due to this being a small town and having craig not “not” have the money, but choosing not to continue me or help me until I can get a job. It’s like he enjoys seeing me lose it all and then he’ll be back… to offer me money since I am completely at a loss to keep things and not lose anymore, my self esteem is in the bucket and I have no friends because how can you tell anyone what you are going through like this?

Craig has basically destroyed my reputation and my ability to be seen my those in my town as anyone other than a “hustler or a gold digger or a stupid ho”. This is far from who I am and from who I came here to be…”

Over the years Anne and I talked on the phone and got to know each other, to some extent, though we never met in person. On the phone she also provided information. All of this information was provided for my use and at my discretion because she was frustrated with her inability to either extract herself from Craig's circle or successfully find justice.

In a declaration Anne sent to me she states Craig raped her four times. Verbally, she had told me about two occasions involving herself and another audio tape she has of Craig admitting his rape of Ivory May Kabler.

Anne told me she attempted,twice, to report Craig to the police, who refused to listen. Craig was, after all, protected as the Senior Vice President of a seemingly respectable company, Green Hills Software, Inc. Those with wealth are protected by both law enforcement and our courts.

It was Anne who also told me Craig had been meeting women online and using frequent flyer miles, available through his travel for Green Hills Software, to bring them to Santa Barbara for the weekend where he would rape them and put them, traumatized, back on the return flight. This was pure aggression and a violation of the Mann Act. These women were not in his 'target zone,' for young girls, just lonely women who believed they had found someone who really cared about them.

Emotionally destroying, raping, and humiliating women was, clearly, a goal for Craig, an element of his continuously repeating pattern of abuse.

At one point Anne gave me a tour of one of the 'Sugar Daddy' sites she handled for Craig. It was horrifying to realize how she had been used as she took me through the site and showed me letters she had read for Craig from other women.

The betrayal theme, which is present in Craig's core fantasy, was very much being fed, if what Anne told me was true. I have no reason to believe it was not, as I later heard from Morgan he had brought one of these women down to meet her while she was moving from her original apartment to a cheaper one down the street. These themes are also present in Morgan's 2001 Deposition.

Craig continually returned to Anne through the time they knew each other, according to her time lines and declaration and from what she told me. This is a typical form of extended control used by psychopaths to destroy the self-confidence and integrity of the victim. Anne has survived, and started her own business, which was no easy thing. But she is very much the exception in these cases. Talking to her persuaded me of Craig's ruthlessness and lack of conscience. Anne was treated like a utility to be picked up, enjoyed, and then again destroyed while Craig enjoyed every step of the process.

Craig lived out the same scenario with multiple women, whose names I have. Details will be provided in the book, now being prepared.

But Craig, while enjoying these interludes, also keeps his eye on the future with long on planning. A clear learning curve appears as he grows more and more ruthless in his pursuit of his goal.

During the years past he was also pursuing other lines of action. The long term planning for the goal of incest included seeking a woman young enough to have children, preferably girls. In parallel, Craig also attempted to get unsupervised visitation with his eight-year old granddaughter, the daughter of his oldest son, Jonathan Scott Franklin, when Scott was charged with paying a hit man to murder his estranged wife and her new boy friend. Craig entirely ignored the existence of his grandson, two years older.

Scott's wife, Kathy, alarmed at this, resisted Craig having any such visitation and this was denied by the court, who put her and the two children in a victim protection program.

Craig and Scott had conspired to leave Kathy destitute, which doubtless suited Craig's own ultimate goal, even if Scott had not tried to have Kathy murdered. Craig's comment to Anne on being told was, “How could he (Scott) be so stupid? They always suspect the husband!” No shred of concern for Kathy was expressed.

When my youngest daughter, Ayn, had a little girl Craig refocused his attentions there and made plans to 'become a part of his grand-daughter's life.'

Craig is a danger to little girls, who he immediately begins to manipulate. This is true for his own relations and for others. His points of entry into relationships include music and the film industry.

Songs, especially ballads and country western music plays a part in Craig's plans. Craig planned a children's album and wrote a song for his grand-daughter, the lyrics for which appear here, and were produced for the album, “Celeste Sings for Kids,The album was publicized professionally, and Craig thanked those who helped publicize it. Here is one of his thank yous which appears on a list of endorsers. The site is To Market Kid.

Craig Franklin, President - Romantic Realist Records, LLC
Words can't begin to describe the difference Regina has made with my children's music project and its visibility in the marketplace. Regina took my project from 0-100 in two months! She has made all the difference! Anyone who has the good fortune to work with Regina Kelland should jump at the chance!” “
It is not possible to know when you are dealing with the disordered, necessarily, especially when you never have the opportunity to know them more than professionally.

Note that the song, “Justin's Lullaby” was not written by Janet Smith and Craig Franklin. It was written by Craig, tuned up by me in 1983. Justin is my son with Franklin. Psychopaths continually reinvent history to suit their purposes. On this site Craig features a song, “To Have and to Hold,” he wrote on the occasion of our formal wedding. I am, naturally, not mentioned.
Craig also positioned himself as being adversarial to sex offenders by funding a movie titled, Barracuda,” a B sort of movie produced by Mercury Rising Films. Both of these ventures were well thought out to put him in place to form relationships allowing for access to young girls by simply spending money and continuing to play around with his guitar.
After Green Hills removed Craig from their management team last summer Craig moved on to another project, Craig Franklin's Tea Party,” a movie. The webmaster is an associate from Mercury Rising Films, which would produce the film.
Over the last several years I have been outing both Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software. My most recent website, Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software, went up within 45 minutes of reading this email, which I published on the site.
Craig is a sexually deviant psychopath whose focus is seduction, sexual violence, betrayal, and leaving the victim homeless. One of these scenarios plays out as raping little girls, preferably daughters, or grand-daughters now, when they are around twelve years old. Here, he also begins with seduction, moves to building trust and thereafter devolves into a series of betrayals, sexual and financial, intended to leave both the mother and daughter completely traumatized and financially destitute.
It is impossible to know how many women and girls he has traumatized or what he has cost these individuals in peace of mind, financially, and so many other ways. But, in retrospect, it is very easy to see what he will continue to do.
Green Hills Software, Inc., enabled this behavior, conspiring with Craig to destroy both myself and my children. They, Dan and others in the company, did this to secure Craig's cooperation when it was needed. They removed him from their 'team' when the risk of exposure finally became to high. They profited enormously over the years and now are repositioning themselves with absolutely no show of conscience.
Craig's website, Romantic Realist, is now down, as is the Romantic Realist My Space. But his Ivory May My Space site is still up.
Anne expressed a wish to ensure Craig's sexually predatory behavior would be brought to an end. These articles, and the book, are being written, in part, to accomplish this goal.

Next: Morgan and Craig, a relationship.
            Dan O'Dowd, Green Hills Software, Inc., Green Hills Software, LLC, and Integrity, missing from the equation.

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Connecticut shooting: It is time for "people control"

Yes, the emotionally disordered are dangerous.  It is time we took action, identified them, and asserted control of those who, because of their neurological dysfunctions, cannot be part of society. - Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Connecticut shooting: It is time for “people control”

President Bush designated the 1990s as the Decade of the Brain: “to enhance public awareness of the benefits to be derived from brain research” through “appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.” Thirteen years after the decade of the brain, the public is now aware that brain function is impaired in mental illness (including psychopathy) and addiction. Research has uncovered the brain regions involved in mental illnesses (including psychopathy) and addiction and the mechanism of action of many helpful medications.

Now this may still be difficult for some people to comprehend but, I say categorically that, “a 20 year old male who kills his mother, several other women and 20 five year old children does not have a normal brain.” I also ask, “when are our laws regarding mental illness going to catch up with our scientific knowledge of same?”

In the wake of the Newtown elementary school shootings, news commentators are talking about gun control and I claim no specific expertise in that matter. However it would be terrible if we didn’t take this time to also think about the problem of “civil rights” and mental illness. We need to institute “people control” in addition to gun control.

Many mental illnesses start in early adulthood, a time when young people are still financially and emotionally dependent on their families. Parents have no real power to compel a teenager into treatment much less a dependent young adult. The most parents can do is to expel the mentally ill teen or adult child from the home. What good does that do? Parents are rendered powerless by the government to help society and their children.

Doesn’t it seem logical that a dependent young person who has a brain problem severe enough to prevent self-care should be required to adhere to the decision making of parents who provide care? As current law stands, family members are not even allowed information about the dependent’s condition if they are in treatment. Does that make sense?
From Love Fraud

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Update - A Report – PsychoBusting, the work continues

A Report – PsychoBusting, the work continues - (A Series in several parts)
Preface – Past Action Parts One and Two

A few months ago a concerted attack by a group of psychopaths forced me to take direct action using the truth, copious legal documents, and an occasionally painful transparency. With emails, interviews, phone messages, transcripts, court documents, videos, and plethora of other materials I began to 'out' the individuals involved, hoping it would stop the attacks, allowing me to get on with my life. Given objective circumstances, my life is challenging enough without dealing with the likes of the individuals named below.

One of the techniques of the psychopaths in these cases, and most psychopaths, includes ugly personal attacks, sewing distrust between the victim, their friends, relatives, and business associates. These are carried out to isolate the victim, increasing their vulnerability.

This works because emotionally normal people are immobilized with shock when accused of doing things they would not, or could not, have done. This kind of ugly, unthinkable, accusation, especially coming from someone who was trusted, causes trauma, which today we understand as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The reaction to this kind of trauma also causes the individual impacted to withdraw emotionally and may make any reminder of what has transpired so stressful as to impact their health and ability to work or otherwise function normally. Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS) is now recognized as a disability along with the PTSD which returning veterans all too often experience. The symptoms are strikingly similar.

I suggest the term “Personal Abuse Syndrome (PAS) to better identify this parallel response in people confronting psychopathic behavior in their personal lives.

Treatments for the condition exist in a variety of forms and we are working to identify accessible and affordable ways for people to cope and move past the impact of trauma. Information on these is available at Ashtabula Renewal.

Disordered individuals know how to use trauma to gain control. Trauma is inflicted by gaslighting, reframing the relationships of the victim with others in their lives by inserting false information, along with other means.

Highly psychopathic view emotionally normal people as prey. They decide what they want and then do what is necessary to get it with as little risk as possible to themselves. In using these events as illustrations I produced five websites, PsychoBusters, The Duke and Doxie of Manchester, Morgan Pillsbury Gell, Jay E. Gell, and Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software, as my last, desperate attempt to cope with these individuals, as least three of them highly psychopathic, who had teamed up to destroy me, which is not as unusual as one might think. Consider Congress for a moment. Or the IRS. Or TSA. Of course, the TSA is generally less personal in their approach.

Fortunately, I was not alone. Wendy, Manchester's former wife, had them in her life. Jillkster, once married to the son of my first husband from his second marriage, was also having to cope with their ugly ways.

Wendy and I first talked on December 3, 2011. She was a mine of information regarding the Manchesters. Laura had moved in with her in October, 2008, after leaving Alexander herself. Laura went back to him on December 30th because she could not find a replacement and she hoped to make a career, somehow, out of being the Duchess of Manchester.

Wendy's entry into the story had came in 1992 when she made the mistake of not throwing away the gold embossed business card given to her while she waited in line at a dance club in Orange County.

Because we had both seen the same strategies used on us individually this was extremely empowering. Taking back your power, your context, is extremely healing. This is why highly psychopathic individuals work to divide people. They do not want them to compare experiences and realize what is happening.

Morgan's entire life, from the time she was a child, was spent telling ugly stories to divide my family from each other. In large part, she succeeded. This was not the kind of calculating behavior you expect from a small child.

On July 5th I was contacted by Jillkster through one of my websites, which, ironically, is Morgan's birthday. The revelations forthcoming were like one of the last pieces of a gnarly puzzle finally falling into place. Now, for the first time, I understood why Morgan is the way she is. My first husband, Richard, her father, might not have stuck around but he left me a time bomb which must now be defused.

The Manchesters have become somewhat quiescent at this point, at least online. However, I recently learned they and the Gells began talking to people I have known and worked with again. Posts will be up on this as soon as they publish, which it is likely they will.

Some of their more outrageous posts have been removed from their badly written and highly repetitive sites at this point. Since Laura, the Duchess of Manchester, lacks any sense of how inadequate her English skills are this surprised us, leading to some speculations as to motive.

The Costs of Psychopathy

The list of people impacted is actually far larger, also including Raye Allan, my normal children, and more. The reverberations from the acts of the psychopathic are truly mind-bogglingly expensive. The estimate of 360 billion a year, as the costs extracted by psychopaths, is probably too low for the US.

So we are now going to begin approaching this in more orderly fashion, beginning with putting together the odd relationships of these individuals. We sincerely hope this exercise is educational and helps others with their extraction and recovery process.

The story, necessarily, involves a number of other people who became involved through the machinations of these very abnormal individuals. Some of these may have personality disorders themselves, but I am not a qualified expert and so express no opinion on this matter.

Recruits to the Psychopathic Conspiracy

Why would John (I-GET-PAID-TO-HELP-KARL ROVE-STEAL-ELECTIONS!) Fund have any motive for working with, or protecting, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester? Probably to finally shut me up. I have proven to be inconvenient for him on occasion, though I rarely wrote about him in the last several years. This will now change, of course. But Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, made frequent mentions of him in his messages, left on various phone message machines, along with the surprising news they attended conference calls to accomplish their goal silence me. Their real goal was, evidently, to have me institutionalized. That would have shut me up, no doubt, but, according to Manchester, “she has too much on the Internet for it to work!”

The wish of these individuals to shut me up is entirely understandable. Psychopaths cannot continue their predatory behavior if people understand what is really happening. I don't shut up.

Morgan's lies include telling people, “Mother forced me to babysit her children, what is why I could not get a job,” (Untrue, we thought she was attending college. Instead, she was having an ffair with Eddy van Halen) “She stole all of my opportunities,” (What opportunities, to be a short model?) she did not keep supporting me long enough,” (I was Morgan's only significant support from the time she was nineteen until she turned 38.), “I have a bad heart,” (Not supported by any available facts. (This is projection. I have a bad heart because of a family condition and because my mother smoked. Morgan was not subject to these.) and “I was really the one doing all the work on those projects.” Of course, she would be hard pressed to prove that since she does not know anything about them and, provably cannot write. Morgan told other lies which I will not here dignify by including. However, these issues are not being dropped.

And of course, if Morgan felt being 100% supported while carrying on an affair with Eddy van Halen was hampering her opportunities she could have gotten a J-O-B.

There was significant coordination between all of these parties named and also what appears to be Green Hills Software, Inc., the company which assisted Craig in a successful attempt to recharacterize marital assets as his separate property at the time of our divorce in 1998. Wendy received a call from Alex telling her this attempt had failed because the attorneys decided, “There was too much material on the internet,” for it to work. The owners of the company definitely had motive for continued involvement.

Craig was still a Senior Vice President and their involvement, which had continued for over ten years, includes payoffs to the local courts in Santa Barbara. Those responsible for enforcing the law, instead violated it for profit.

Manchester reported to Raye Smith that he and John Fund, along with nine other individuals, had been conferencing for the purpose of bringing charges against myself on May 1, 2012. The Audio is up online and a transcript is available. Other audio tapes in which Alex claims to be working with Fund are also available, No. 1 and No. 2 on Wendy's answering machine April 28, 2012

I was guilty of publishing factual information on Manchester's mottled past, nothing more. According to Wendy, Manchester's behavior was highly unusual in attacking me at all since he had just ripped me off for writing and a website. Normally, Wendy says, he steers clear of previous victims. Replaying the voice message Manchester left for me last spring, reporting on his 'visit' to my home in California, accompanied, presumably, Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin suddenly fell into place.

It is too much to expect for anyone to dig into three long and seamy stories. So I'm going to give you a synopsis. More individuals, some unwitting, others simply very willing to profit, will be named later.

The Core Psychopaths

Morgan Pillsbury Gell was the only child of my first marriage. She appears was born psychopathic. Her father, Richard Lee Barteaux, was both violent and disordered. Richard never had a real job and died of chronic alcoholism, while still being supported by his wealthy parents in 1993. Morgan, as it turns out, was a lot like her father, except a touch smarter, perhaps. More intelligence in the socially disordered is not a good thing. That Morgan is disordered herself, she has long admitted. We need not quibble over the correct diagnosis. I am not a competent authority but accept Morgan's sworn testimony, given under penalty of perjury. The 2001 deposition in which this is located has been on the internet, unchallenged by Morgan for nearly ten years on a site maintained by John Fund.

To quote Morgan, in the citied statement made about herself in the 2001 document, “I have a borderline personality disorder.

Under no circumstances should this deposition been made available to John Fund because the deposed individual has an absolute right to review and edit before the document is certified and this never took place as the case was settled. The document, properly, should have been either destroyed or remained in records, unread. This would then raise the question of how it came into Fund's hands. While we could have speculated it was given to Fund by the Green Hills Software, Inc., counsel we need not speculate in this case.

The chain of custody went from the Green Hills Software, Inc., counsel to Craig Franklin, who then mailed the document to John Fund. Craig conveyed this fact to his then girl friend, Anne Fisher, who later told me for publication, as and when I choose. Anne also provided copious letters, emails, and photos, to be used at my discretion. Anne commented to me the document, which she did not see but which Craig described to her, was in a Green Hills envelope with postage paid by Green Hills. So cooperation between Franklin and Fund in dealing with Morgan, who I was then supporting, is of long standing and points to an ongoing relationship in which Green Hills Software, Inc., participated.

The 2001 deposition was given just before I settled a law suit with Green Hills Software, Inc. in 2001. A little more than a year earlier Morgan had recorded a conversation with Craig, wherein he boasted and complained their fraud had not worked as well as planned. But, clearly he and Green Hills Software, Inc., by crook or book (read this: fraud carried out one way or another) intended I should be left penniless after appearing to follow the order of the court, which ordered I be given a small portion of what I was actually owed.

Morgan made the recording because her relationship with Fund was foundering and she was, evidently, queasy about continuing in her relationship with Craig. There was no future in it. She well knew she could not marry Craig, and without marriage, and a prenup, she had no security. Morgan had no intention of working for a living, and no skills to support the life style she hankered to enjoy. Her life-plan is well documented by her series of relationships with wealthy and influential men, these including affairs with Eddy van Halen, Eugene Volokh, and John Fund.

She needed help and conned me into believing her using the Weasel Search Tape, recorded just a few weeks earlier, and 1999 tape with Franklin -Transcript, thus betraying first Fund and then Franklin, who had each betrayed her. Stabbing each other in the back is standard operating procedure for psychopaths.

In 1999 my function, as envisioned by Morgan, was to force Fund to marry her. Despite the seeming craziness, she continued to want this for at least several years. She doubtless felt she had brought him down, now she needed someone to hold him so she could finish the evisceration process.

The 1999 transcript and 2001 deposition were chilling for me to reread now. Normal people do not watch others beaten without taking action, especially when the person being beaten is their mother. Morgan did just this and, recalling the incident, I realize she showed no concern for me at the time, or later. You can miss this with a concussion.

Morgan was raised by my parents, at the wish of my mother, who lived to regret it, but not enough to understand how bad it really was. My father stopped supporting her the moment Mother died and expressed doubts about her behavior which, grew only more pointed over the years.

A. Craig Franklin pursued me, evidently, because he has had, since his teens, incest fantasies and I had three beautiful and nubile daughters, exactly the focus of the fantasies I learned about only after he left me. Craig insisted on adopting the children and did everything possible to make sure their biological father, my former husband, was out of their lives. Notarized Document signed by Ron Foster (AKA Kellett) giving up his parental rights. Craig's will, naming the children as his own. Craig is a computer programmer who would have been a billionaire if not for his inability to file his taxes and cope with authority. This can be credited to his very controlling father. I was useful because I saved him from the IRS. Craig's behavior fits the definition of psychopathy very neatly.

Alexander Charles David Drogo Montagu, 13th Duke of Manchester was diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies in 1984 by the psychiatrist, a Dr. Williamson, who provided this information to Montagu's attorney, Z. Varzseghy. Williamson had seen him in the wake of a series of violent incidents in Australia. The diagnosis appears in this transcript, bottom of page nine, from a court hearing taking place September 6, 1984. One of these incidents was attempting to shoot his wife with a speargun. The transcript is a real candidate for a one act play, with no editing whatsoever.

Manchester's strategy is to write bad checks, claim to be about to receive vast amounts of money, and look for suckers impressed by the title. I postulate Fund and Franklin did not realize how illiterate he actually is when allying themselves with him. Morgan is not literate enough to discern the difference.

Manchester was couch surfing when he met and entrapped Wendy Buford into a relationship. Soon, he was living with her, using her car while she was at work, and looking forward to starting a flow of income from the Manchester Trusts through payments made to support his children.

Coming Next: Unexpected Alliances

Unexpected Alliances

What might surprise some people who followed the Fund – Morgan story from the past, see Weasel Search Tape, TRANSCRIPT is the fact Morgan and Fund began working together to go after me. This is only surprising because of the degree of animus which seemed to exist between Morgan and Fund. But a coalition including Morgan, Fund and Craig Franklin, actually makes a curious kind of sense.

Psychopaths assume everyone is out for themselves and cooperate on an ad hoc basis. This is one reason they will recontact previous victims. The idea anyone would remember and hold a grudge is alien to them.

This is an important aspect to remember for your own protection. If someone who has ripped you off gets back in touch without commenting on their previous ugly actions, without explanation or apology, do not reconnect. Move cautiously even if they do. Morgan always apologized then just did it again.

Morgan doubtless sees potential for some gain for herself in this. She is now married to a poverty stricken redneck with little education who is on disability. She is, herself, working part-time at Walmart, by all reports.

Ignoring the advice of all my other children, I had gone to Morgan's aid when she was destitute and had been abandoned and later battered by Fund. I wanted to believe she had changed. They knew better. My thickness in believing Morgan is at the core of the present alienation between myself and my other children. It is, however, too late to kick myself, also painful.

Evidently the coalition, read this enlarged conspiracy, was initially forged when Laura, temporarily separated from Alex due to a squabble over the Michael Jackson videos Alex had earlier stolen from Wendy, contacted Craig in Santa Barbara. They were immediately communicating. Craig talks Laura's language, this being writing checks generously and willingly paying for sex.

This addition of the Manchesters into the original conspiracy against me by Morgan, Craig, and Green Hills, resulted in the assault on my websites, using false charges of wrong doing to the hosting company, Yola. This assault began October 29, 2011 with a contact to Yola which Laura later documented by helpfully placing it online, where I found it some months ago. The letter refers to a site I had nothing to do with which is owned by a Fern Anderson. I had never heard if it. All of my sites, 45 of them, were under one account. While eventually they instituted a limit when I started there no such limit existed. I started a site for the Manchesters at Yola because they told me they could not afford to immediately pay for hosting. It was their site. But they provided no writing, and for that I expected to be paid, naturally. This lowered their start up costs.

43 of the sites were family history, non-profits, political action, a memorial site for a dead friend, and sites to help people being harmed by injustice. One was for my grandchildren. Three of the sites were about things which touch on what is still happening here. I was doing exactly the same thing, publishing the facts, with documentation or links to articles and other material available on the Internet.

In the communication below it appears Craig was involved sometime after this in communicating with Yola. For the record, Yola did not inform me of their intentions. They also failed to tell me charges had been made. The charges must have been doozies, and certainly if you read the creative writing exercises produced by the Manchesters and Gells, you see what kinds of things they make up, but after reading what I sent about the Manchesters they clammed up. They had denied me or a chance to respond to accusations I did not know had been made.

Others using Yola should note this. Additionally, I could not recover my files. This is, doubtless, because of the lies the three of them told. From there, their activities rolled out into other forms of harassment directed against me.

This strategy of overwhelming and patently untrue slanders and libels is, itself a technique used routinely by psychopaths. Whether made to

For months I dealt with the repercussions from their felonious actions, which fall within the definition of conspiracy. Jay E. Gell called my editor, Leon Smith with lies. When Leon refused to believe him Jay launched into a filthy barrage of insults. Other calls were made to friends in a concerted attempt to cut me off from all my personal and business relationships. Email exchange with Raye Allen, April 10, 2012.

Craig gave Laura the contact information for my children and all of my friends and business associates of whom he was aware. What followed turned the minor issue of the stolen website, The Duke of Manchester, for which I never got around to filing a small claims action, into World War II ½. Not that I did much but reel in shock at first.

The Manchesters did not own the URL, which was purchased by Raye Allan. Naturally, they never reimbursed her, either. She had been loaning them money because she believed they were her friends, for over a year at the time.

By January Alex was claiming I had stolen a neurofeedback machine he had borrowed by NerOptimal. He had been using it since the previous summer and refused to either return it or to pay. Here are the emails exchanged. In persuading the folks at NeurOptimal to loan him their machine Alex told numerous stories which I now know to be complete fabrications. This includes his ultra, ultra, secret and special relationship with the CIA.

In January Alex also stuck his foot in his mouth big-time and on Huffington Post accused the Royal Family of various crimes and misdeeds. After ward he or Laura persuaded Huff Post to remove the comments. He then began claiming I made up the account and wrote the comments. A brief perusal of the comments shows these to exactly parallel his own writing 'style.'

If their voice messages are to be believed, during this time they visited with Craig in Santa Barbara and then they drove to my cabin. I do not yet know if they broke in, but this remains an open question. Given this admission on Manchester's part, a police report was in order.

It was soon after this I began talking to Wendy. She had contacted not me, but Rayelan, who sent me Wendy's e-mail. I wanted background, given what I was going through at the time. The next several months were simply horrifying, getting steadily worse as the conspiracy become more evident. John Fund's entry into the conspiracy was a real shocker, one of those “Huh?” moments, at least until I began considering motives. Fund might look like a nerdy dweeb who is barely hanging on to his sinecure, but the first two phone numbers on his speed dial are Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

I have been a sort of on and off thorn in the side of the RoveCons since I point out regularly facts they would prefer not to have resurfaced. Rove and others of his ilk depend on the generally short attention span of the public. I just kept pipping up and reminding folks of things Rove and Co., thought best forgotten. Not that anyone seemed to be listening. But, people with first-hand knowledge can be dangerous. This probably looked like a great opportunity to finally squash me – except they forgot psychopaths have issues with recognizing the truth. This makes them dangerous to each other, too.

The Aftermath Left by the 'Socially Disordered.'

Those impacted by the disordered report chaos, shattered relationships, financial and emotional disaster, and trauma which may stay with them the rest of their lives. The cost can be calculated in some limited ways monetarily – but not in terms of the impact on families who may never come to trust one another again.

This is the second part of one article now being reframed as a book which will span the impact from personal to political to global, focusing in on the use of transparency to mitigate the problem for all of us who are normal.