Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Grandmother, 63, on trial for stabbing husband, dismembering him, and keeping his body parts in Tupperware

From:  Daily Mail 
Prosecutors say Loretta Doyle Burroughs of Mays Landing, NJ, killed her husband in cold blood. Donna Andersen wrote the story for the Daily Mail.
 By Donna Andersen For Mailonline

EXCLUSIVE: Photos of dismembered body parts positioned on a white sheet shown to horrified jurors as woman stands trial for stabbing her husband, chopping him up in pieces and then storing them in Tupperware containers

  • Daniel Burroughs, 66, of Mays Landing N.J. was missing for almost seven years
  • Loretta Doyle Burroughs, his 63-year-old wife, is on trial for his murder
  • Chopped up remains rotted in Tupperware for seven years, court told
  • Two plastic totes were wrapped in multiple layers of garbage bags to contain 'the strong smell of decomposition'
  • Some of the bags contained scented dryer sheets and liquid air freshener beads
  • Burroughs claimed her husband drove off to Florida with a younger woman
  • Victim's suspicious best friend secretly recorded a phone call with the accused played in court
The skeleton of Daniel S. Burroughs, of Hamilton Township, NJ, was in pieces.
His skull, spine and ribs, all a sickly shade of yellowish orange, were positioned on a white sheet, somewhat near where they should be, except that none of the bones were connected to each other. Arm, hand, and leg bones were also detached.
The jury gasped as the photo was displayed on the criminal courtroom projection screen.
Burroughs had been reported missing on September 1, 2007. Almost seven years later, on May 17, 2013, his remains were discovered in two plastic boxes in the Ventnor, NJ home of his former wife.
Loretta Doyle Burroughs, 63, is now standing trial in Atlantic County, NJ, charged with the murder of her husband, who was 66 when he disappeared.