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VIDEO - Joe Slate on Psychic Vampires

The Matrix is real and already in place. Read this and learn how to defend yourself

Originally published on Rumor Mill News and Before Its News 

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

As the emergence of a fascist state in America grows daily more obvious it might be possible to ignore the signs of control and oppression coming at us from an entirely different direction.
Probably most people reading this article are well aware of the research done by the CIA and its cohorts through programs funded by US taxpayers. Hank Albarelli's book, “A Terrible Mistake, the Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments,” published in 2009 delved into some part of these activities. Neither Albarelli or anyone else outside the Agency, and vanishingly few within its confines, probably knows all the specifics.
I reviewedthe book and also interviewed Hank, deepening my knowledge of the depth and breadth of ways used to control Americans and steal what they produce.
But the rescue of Nazi scientists at the end of World War II, as Project Paperclip, was instituted by US intelligence interests. This provided information previously unavailable to those in the people who then founded the CIA. As the Nazi Project Monarch became the source for the MKULTRA experiments, including those using LSD, the goals of the Agency ignored any consideration of human rights. One of the earliest experiments with this substance on a general population took place covertly in France in 1951 at Pont-Saint-Esprit with mass poisoning, ascribed by Albarelli to an experiment instituted by the Agency.
What is known today of the experiments is truly mind boggling, including all conceivable forms of mind control and mind programming under a cloak of secrecy like none other in history.
This would have been bad enough, but a group of us have come to believe yet another mass experiment, intended to activate a latent potential for control and theft, still largely unrecognized, is about to be activated, threatening each of us in ways which are far more intrusive.
Along with the esoteric knowledge gleaned from the Nazis, the CIA also obtained access to far older knowledge, practices and arts obtained through black mystery schools whose origins are lost in time.
The movie, The Matrix points to one aspect of this. Another, a presence in human culture which has controlled and shaped our present confrontation with destiny, is now beginning to be generally understood by the parallel disciples of psychology, neuroscience, and economics as psychopathy.
Making up 1 – 4% of humanity the highly disordered feed on those who are emotionally normal in multiple ways. The disordered come in all levels of intellect and ability but share a lack of empathy and compassion, viewing those around them as prey. Today, many believe the tendency is largely genetic and can be activated by conditions during the earliest years of life. But this is only a theory. It is also very possible these individuals are the individuals variously identified as “Reptilians,” and are the continuing presence among us of the incursion of life-forms which founded the black arts mystery schools thousands of years ago, enforcing a very different trajectory for humanity.
The Matrix, understood in this context, then becomes not a nightmarish science fiction story but a real projection of the fate intended for humanity by these individuals, who prey on us in both the material realm and the spiritual.
Indirectly, as individuals, these entities steal through deceit and manipulation. But what they steal is both material and the direct, energetic production of our lives.
This is carried out by an artifact introduced into our species at the time of their original incursion on our planet. You know this as the chakras, the energy points most of us have believes exist as a means for spiritual growth. This is not the case. Our species, having a direct connection with Spirit through the heart, needs no such system. Our power is internal and, properly, entirely under our control as individuals.
The fallacies surrounding these energetic 'insertion points' exists to allow our energy to be stolen by the most highly developed among these invaders.
The stories of vampires are real. These are highly disordered individuals, 'reptiles,' moving among us, who gain their life energy by sucking it directly from us through these insertion points.
When this is done by individual entities it is far easier to evade. But we are now approaching a time when these insertion points will be used to assert control by the same interests who inherited this knowledge from their psychic fore-bearers, the Black Brotherhood, today in control of our economy, our lives and our military.
As we work to turn off the spigot to these, so must be protect our selves and cut off the supply of energy which they anticipate fully integrating into their system of control.
My own research began with inquiries on economics, turning then to neurobiology and the issue of psychopathy and the means used by these entities to gain control over us. At the same time I realized the solution is recognizing and enacting our ability as individuals to remove the harness of chakras which allows this predation to continue.
Be comforted, the means exist and are available to you on line. But you must also remember these are not the only techniques. The power is in you to do this through your own insights because each of us possesses internally the power absolutely.
Read about the techniques below always remembering to focus on your own power, your spiritual autonomy, and accept no authority you have not validated. Trust no leader on faith because doing so will be your downfall.
As we move back to communities of people who look into each others eyes to see compassion, empathy and consciences, we turn the spigot to 'off' for the corporate interests, for big government, for all other global systems which see us as sources for their wealth.
Start with these two sites by different researchers,">Laura Lee Mistycah and George Kavassilas, who have independently identified the problem and techniques for removing the chakras. A segment of the relevant material from George's site is below. Laura's is linked to her name.
Consult your own heart, mind, and conscience as you eliminate the harnessing and return to the heritage of individual autonomy which we, as true humanity, share.
George Kavassilas -
The Supreme Cosmic Deception

Cracking the code that enslaves humanity

The purpose and intention for sharing with you the grandest of deceptions is not to incite fear. Nor is it intended to make you feel powerless and helpless when one realises the scale of the deception - quite the opposite! Remember, we are infinite; from the realms of the Higher Self and beyond we composed, we orchestrated and are currently conducting these lives we are having. As we embarked on this journey into compression, we originally knew that at the very end of the process, we would embody a fractal of the Universe and the time would come when we would need to be tested to the nth degree. We would end up allowing ourselves to become totally vulnerable to the deceptive forces of limitation (gods/archons) as it would be graduation time, to see who has truly mastered Light and who has not. We are currently being exposed to the best programs of manipulation that this Universe has to offer. If one does not pass this test, meaning if one is lured into a false light paradigm and/or prevented from reconnecting with one's Soul Essence by the forces of limitation, then one has simply not yet mastered Light and is therefore not ready to become a Universal Creator of Love and Light. Once you can realise, remember and understand this wisdom, the victimhood mentality then dissipates and one is left with taking responsibility for one's life instead of playing the victim and the blame game. We are having this experience of deception because from a higher level we agreed to it and we have co-created it. Realise that we own and are responsible for all of our experiences and so from the perspective of our Higher Self we are simply role playing for one another down here in the Great Arena. This is understanding life in a multidimensional construct.
Taking responsibility for one's life is brought about through regaining the knowledge of the way life is constructed.
I am simply exposing and explaining the deception so that you may become consciously aware of it. This is about knowledge, awareness and responsibility, sovereignty and empowerment!
My intention is to bring about a greater awareness resulting in a conscious connection with your Soul Essence and therefore achieving self-empowerment. To use an analogy; how can an alcoholic become free from alcoholism if that person cannot recognise and acknowledge the fact that they are addicted to alcohol and are an alcoholic to begin with? Therefore, how can a slave become free from slavery unless that person can recognise, realise and acknowledge the fact that they are a slave and have been enslaved within a system? Whether you realise it or not, like it or not, our Human Race as a whole has been systematically assimilated into a system of slavery in the recent epoch of time. This began to occur around 300,000 years ago and went to new levels during this Great Year cycle of 24,832 years; also called the precession of the Equinoxes, and known throughout the universe as 'The Cycle For Life Eternal'. The last major phase and implementation of this program began around 6,000 years ago. Interesting isn't it how religion says god created everything around 6,000 years ago, and science with the same timeline says that this is when we sprang out of the stone age and into civilisation. Gee, what a convenient coincidence!
This supreme deception being imposed on our Humanity actually runs far deeper than nearly all people realise and is truly functioning on a colossal scale. Many people think that the level of deception is planetary and that we just need to free ourselves from our financial burdens and the systems of slavery conjured up by the ruling elite. But it is far, far greater than that. This deception is not just planetary! There are levels of this deception that are functioning in our solar system, out into our galaxy and beyond. This deception actually runs into other dimensions. In fact, it is an intergalactic cabal functioning on a multi-dimensional infrastructure and its origins are on a grand cosmic scale!
As mentioned earlier in the book, after studying the compressed version of life therefore the compressed version of 'Light', over epochs and eras of life cycles and time, this wayward faction of the gods managed to create their own version of light and went about assimilating many races of peoples into their domains. If we are to crack the code that enslaves Humanity, in order to understand the nature of their deception, we first need to once again take a look at Light and its essential nature. Below is a diagrammatic expression of Light, vibration, frequency, sound, 'Logos' and 'The Word', in its most simplistic form.
Remember the horizontal line is the aspect that is our projected Light Consciousness in its centred state into the creative process and the waveform is the creative process through our Light Consciousness expressing itself one way and then another. Each way of expressing itself is a counterpart and reflection of the other. Consciousness moving away from its whole and sanctified state expresses itself in a particular way on one side of the line, and then in order for balance to be re-established, it now must express itself in another way that counterbalances the former.

When we look at this concept from the core viewpoint of balance, the two expressions can be represented by the scales. This is an image that has been used down through the ages to symbolise our 3 states of being.
Looking at the scales of life we can see that there are two distinct expressions on either side of our centred state of being which are commonly explained as a negative charge and a positive charge. Below is another diagrammatic representation of this concept.
In the Great Arena, we spend most of our time in either the negative or positive states of being and seldom experience the centred state. My objective of sharing this information with you is to help you reconnect with your Soul Essence via your Higher Self. The Higher Self represented by the vertical line is your third aspect, the transpersonal self which is the part of you that knows all and sees all.

One must not forget this wayward faction of the 'gods' are called the 'gods' to begin with because they are very adept at creating realities on a grand scale beyond the construct of a single galactic system. It was therefore imperative for them to have an incredible understanding of the knowledge of how life in this Universe is constructed. Do not underestimate these gods! As a result they also had an intimate understanding and even mastered to a certain degree the knowledge of 'Light'; of both the positive and the negative charge, of light and dark, Yin and Yang, love and fear and of good and evil.
Now we are at a critical point; this next piece of information is a major key to understanding this supreme cosmic deception. Due to having mastered Light to a certain degree, they now were able to manipulate life through the positive white love and light energy. Traditionally, manipulation was done through the negative and darker expressions of life. That way is cumbersome, tiresome and exceedingly obvious to many. The more sophisticated ways of manipulation and control utilise the passive aggressive programs which yield greater results. It is an energy that many in the Universe refer to as Conditional Love. It is called conditional love because it utilises the positive (+) white love and light energy which is on one side of duality. It is therefore a limited, lower and lesser version of the Love one experiences in the realms of the Higher Self beyond the Great Void and therefore beyond the Great Arena. So yes, as crazy as this may sound, they have even created a light frequency that simulates Love; therefore, they have created their own version of love. This is what they are using against us, love!
The plan the wayward faction of the gods now commonly use throughout the cosmos is to systematically plunge a reality down in vibration forcing people into a dark negative charge for a long period of time, meaning many generations, and then present a more desirable positive white love and light solution to the problems they created to begin with.
This is an ancient strategy and program known as; 'Problem - Reaction - Solution'
Most people think that this program is being implemented on a planetary level, and some can even see it on a galactic level, but what the overwhelming majority of people don't realise is that this program is being implemented on a grand cosmic scale within the Great Arena.
Over the past 6,000 years they have systematically gone about creating such an undesirable environment here, plunging us into the dark ages, (creating the problem); depriving humanity of as much true Love and Light as possible, resulting in people yearning and aching for love and light, peace and harmony, (getting the reaction); so at the end of the process they can then present their version of love and light, (presenting the solution). Now, because we have been deprived of love for such a long period of time and have been experiencing the illusion of being cut off from our Soul Essence, we have forgotten what true Love and Light feels like. We have lost that point of reference and so people are flocking towards the gods and their archon's version of love and light like a child takes to candy.
The god's version of the positive white love and light energy they have created stimulates people into feeling euphoric. Many refer to it as bliss. It also has a mesmerising effect and is designed to subdue and pacify people. Their version of light and love enters through a series of energetic portals that are known as the chakra body.
The chakra body
The word 'Chakra' is a Sanskrit word which means wheel or vortex. Chakras are not physical as they are vortexes of energy. Some people can see them. The seven most commonly known chakras are aligned with certain parts of the Human anatomy and physiology. Five other main ones which are less commonly spoken of make a total of 12 major chakras; each 12 also aligning to a replicated strand of DNA. Yes, that means we originally had 12 strands of DNA. In the bible the seven commonly known chakras are referred to as 'The Seven Seals'. Each one also correlates with the seven main colours of the light spectrum and the musical scale.
The information in the pages that follow may come as an unpleasant surprise to some. The lengths to which this deceptive and duplicitous force, its gods and their archons, have gone with their obsession to control our Humanity, also runs into our physical domain as well. I do understand the way we are being manipulated through religion and politics, through the media, our foods, the medical system and the education system. What I want to bring to your attention here is that the scale of manipulation is so great that there even exists physiological proof within our bodies. Yes, you read correct; there is physical proof within our bodies of this manipulation. Before I go on explaining what I know and understand, I want to clarify that I have no medical training whatsoever. Some may argue that this is nothing more than just speculation and another conspiracy theory and/or disinformation. I am however, explaining this from an experiential perspective, so I urge anybody reading this to further investigate these concepts and know for yourself.

Over a period of around 300,000 years, our Human race has been genetically altered. The genetic changes were in conjunction with the 12 great years, each one living out the experiences of an archetypal personality correlating to each DNA strand. At the end of each cycle a new fractal version of Earth was created and so the experiences and resulting wisdom gained from the previous cycle that had been imprinted into our genetic codes was then compressed. As a result, a more compressed Earth Human was created to match the requirements of the newly compressed frequencies of our Earth Mother. This explains the more physical processes of the road to compression. In the later stages or last few cycles as the frequencies were compressing, our reality and our Humanity began to be accessible to those who were to play the role of challenging and testing our Human Beingness. This created the scenario of a symbiotic journey with groups who came along and tampered with our genetics. This tampering continues today. There is a notion that we have been "dumbed" down from twelve strands of DNA to two partially functioning strands; but that is only partly true. We have been compressed down from 12 DNA strands 300,000 years ago, to 2 strands of DNA at the beginning of this cycle 24,832 years ago. It is after compression, during each cycle that we have had our DNA strands tampered with.
What I am revealing is a program that is aimed at capturing an aspect of self that is known as our Traveling Spirit. In other words, it is a program that is designed to capture the aspect of your Spirit Essence that you projected from the realm of the Higher Self beyond the Great Void in the 5th dimension, down into the Great Arena. Some refer to our Travelling Spirit as the Soul, but I just want to clarify once again that my definition of Soul is a much greater aspect of self and is explained earlier in the book, (in the chapter, Our Journey within This Universe.) Others just call it spirit. Semantics can be frustrating!
I previously mentioned that the chakra body is a fragmented state of being, so now I am going to delve further into that concept and continue to look at this issue from within the drama of the cosmic arena. When one approaches the issue without the need to defend their belief systems, then one can ask the serious question; "Is the chakra body merely an option, and/or a thing of the past?" If one does seriously ask and then contemplate this question, then one discovers and realises that the chakra system is not only an option but is in fact an energetic overlay. As I mentioned at the beginning of the book I am a true sceptic, and so I continue to investigate and ask the hard questions and contemplate the answers. These are the answers that come from beyond my mind, from a place within my Essence and my Beingness. This information comes from the wisdom gained through a lifetime of extraordinary experiences, having travelled to numerous realities and interacted with numerous races and expressions of life. My conclusions bring me to make this next statement:
"The Chakra body is a major component in the greatest deception ever imposed on our Human Race! It is a most intricate element to the fragmentation, manipulation and control of Humanity on a cosmic level."
Some people would be horrified at such a statement, thinking it ridiculous and absurd, but what they do not understand is that it is a highly sophisticated program which is an energetic overlay and interface. Unfortunately, many people see it as the only path to enlightenment, but there are those of us who do not see it that way. We see the chakra body as an energetic overlay which is facilitating a particular version of enlightenment being presented to Humanity by a conglomerate of extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional races; and it is not the natural and organic path to an enlightened and aware consciousness.
Please understand the magnitude of what I am sharing with you here in these words. This is cracking the code for the most sophisticated program of deception being imposed upon our Humanity! This is a multidimensional cosmic level program.
When one can move beyond the chakra body, the rainbow body, one can then experience true freedom.
It is sung, 'Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high……
……There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby'
Each one of the seven main chakras is connected to a ring of the planet Saturn. There has been an age old battle for control of this Solar System between our Sun and Saturn. The consciousness and spirit of the planet Saturn is insanely jealous of who the Sun and the Earth are and what they are creating here. It is Saturn who sees himself to be "The Exalted One".
So who is the consciousness and spirit of the planet Saturn? It is an aspect of the god who is claiming to be the creator and ruler of all life on all levels of all that is and all that exists. It is the god of religions. Remember I shared with you that these gods are cosmic entities. The cosmic being that is represented here in fractal form as Saturn is known in every culture and by many names. Some call him Jehovah or Yahweh and other cultures call him Shiva, Allah and Cronus. Saturday is Saturn's day that has traditionally been a day of worship throughout the ages. There are many religions today whose doctrine still demands worship on Saturn's day.
Please understand that this is all part of the greater Divine Plan. The entire Universe is represented here in this solar system and so it makes perfect sense that the deceptive and duplicitous force of the Universe, this god and its domains would be represented here as well. This cosmic entity is androgynous but we are currently dealing with its masculine expressions and aspects. He embodies the archetype of the authoritarian, the dominant father and the task master. He has issues of control and places limitations on us therefore providing the challenge of working through these limitations. Saturn is a planetary aspect of the creator of the false synthetic light constructs and resulting paradigms and dimensional realities. He is the master of the passive aggressive programs. He is the keeper of time as we know it and is therefore the creator and keeper of the Matrix. Because of who and what we are, this cosmic entity as Saturn has wanted nothing more than to take control of this Solar system and specifically our Earth Mother and her Humanity.
Saturn is the location within our solar system of The Saturnian Council also known as the Great White Brotherhood. They are a council of Beings who embody and manage the synthetic positive white love and light energy. They also implement and manage the passive aggressive programs. The resonant expression of the archetypal personality of Jehovah/Yahweh/Shiva/Allah/Cronus/Saturn perfectly facilitates the agendas of the Archons, inter-dimensional beings and extra-terrestrial groups who function under the auspice of this Being, its paradigms and its archetype.
Saturn is not the creator of this star system so he needed to find a way to take control of it. He could only do this by manipulating the existing energetic patterns or foundational frequencies and then go about implementing his own programs. The rings of Saturn are a huge project and have been created by the archons, their associated inter-dimensional beings and extra-terrestrial groups, for the purposes of broadcasting frequencies that influence the Solar system and of course influence us. It is through the use of harmonic resonance that Saturn has been able to gain leverage over the Solar system and gain leverage over Humanity.
From a greater perspective beyond the drama of the cosmic arena, this is only happening because the Sun is allowing it. Saturn is merely an aspect of a cosmic energy and a cosmic entity which is of the most deceptive, manipulative, elaborate and complex influence in the cosmos. He is a generator of it. He is the transmitter of it. He is the one that continually needs to be appeased. He has adorned himself with beauty and splendour so that he may be adored. The Saturnian aspect of this deceptive and duplicitous cosmic force has always been known by those with the true knowledge to be the greater malefic.
It is time to bring the pieces of the puzzle together.
In order to control us from the deepest levels, what this cosmic god entity needed to do is dig as deeply into our energetic make-up as possible to interfere in our relationship with the Sun. Besides our own essence and the consciousness of the Galaxy, the consciousness of the Sun is the next foundational layer to our incarnation's existence here. This god entity created a cosmic level software program that would be overlayed upon our natural state of being. This program alters the way we experience this planet, this solar system and the way we view life. As you can see, the chakra body correlates to the seven main colours of the Light spectrum. We have been cocooned inside a bubble of energy we call the chakra body, a cosmic software program that is designed to intercept and interfere with the way we perceive the sun's light and energy. It is therefore skewing our relationship with the Sun. It is designed to capture our awareness, our attention and our Travelling Spirit and immerse us in the deceptive programs, eventually driving a wedge between us, the Sun and our Earth Mother. This chakra program systematically steers the person into this god entity's way of life, realities and domains.
I mentioned earlier that we already have a Universal seed that was placed within us at the time when we first entered and merged with the Universal Consciousness. The Sun being a fractal of Universal Light is the same energy as that seed. The chakra program is designed to stop the sunlight from interacting with us in its full capacity, to prevent the sunlight from sprouting this seed and preventing us from becoming Universal Beings. It is designed to lure people back into the love and light domains of the cosmic arena. These deceptive programs cut us off from the greater aspects of self that reside in the core of our hearts, the core and heart of our Earth Mother and Father Sun.

Enlightenment through the chakra system is a version of enlightenment that assimilates people into the false light constructs of the gods and in particular the simulated heavenly realms of the god of religions. "What does the chakra body have to do with Christianity?" I hear people ask; just wait and I will show you. I have already mentioned that the chakra body in Christianity is known as the seven seals. Remember I said that this god has replicated and created his own version of the Universe down here in the Great Arena and therefore he has his own version of the heavenly realms. Well, the chakra body/rainbow body, or the seven seals are his version of the heavenly body designed for his version of heaven.
This god entity has managed to replicate his version of the Universal seed as well. I used the word interface in a previous paragraph, so the question we need to now ask is; "What is the chakra system or the seven seals interfacing with?" On our Earthly side of the interface they are connected to our endocrine system which is our glandular system of our body. The physiological proof of deception that I was referring to earlier is not the entire endocrine system, but one gland in particular. The question I pose that you seriously ask yourself next is this:
What if, the pineal gland is a biological implant hidden in plain sight?
The pineal gland
The pineal gland is found in many species in our animal kingdom and so I understand that people would come to the conclusion that my suggestion of it being a biological implant does not make any sense. If you consider our "modern day" experiments, scientists will try out an idea on several other species before experiments are to be implemented onto our Human Race. Now consider experiments involving highly advanced Beings in both technology and the knowledge of the cosmos, whose agenda is to control this planet, her environment and therefore ultimately her Humanity. After having manipulated countless races in countless star systems and galactic systems throughout the cosmic arena over eons and epochs of time, these Beings have developed the most sophisticated technologies of control, some of which are multi-dimensional energetic programs and intricate multi-dimensional biological implants. When one views this issue from a greater perspective, other versions of the pineal existing in many species makes perfect sense.
In order to achieve this, the gods and their archons needed to create a human version of this pineal gland and implant it within our physiology so that it can interface with an energetic program overlay (the chakra body/rainbow body or the seven seals), which in turn energetically interfaces with their synthetic light constructs.
The pineal gland is the physical interface for this energetic software program that originates from their false and synthetic light construct.

Around 300,000 years ago was when the first genetic manipulations by these gods began occurring. At that stage we did not have a pineal gland and our behaviour was far more centred and balanced and not reactive. Our systems of function were directly regulated by our conscious awareness. The endocrine system releases hormones (chemical messengers) which regulate various human functions; including metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, and importantly mood. This makes the endocrine system a reactive system. In turn, it interacts with the physical body, the emotional body and even the mental body. If the gods can influence and control the endocrine system, then they virtually control the entire development of the Human physiology, and the regulation of mood which is a crucial factor here since mood governs behaviour. So in order for them to achieve this level of control, the gods needed to create their own version of a gland that has the ability to interface with the pituitary and therefore the rest of the glands that make up the entire endocrine system.
Of all the glands that make up the endocrine system, the pineal gland plays a lofty, executive and even imperial role. It is physically directly connected to our central nervous system. The pineal gland is the interface between the endocrine system and the nervous system. It converts nervous system signals into endocrine signals and is therefore responsible for the regulation of endocrine functions via the pituitary gland. Think of it like this; the pituitary is the public facade of governance of the endocrine but the pineal is the hidden hand that pulls the strings behind the scenes and governs by stealth. It is perfectly physically positioned to play dare I say a "cardinal" role. The pineal gland is also responsible for the secretion of the hormone Melatonin which helps in regulating wake/sleep patterns and circadian rhythms.

The Pineal gland also secretes Dimethyltriptamine (DMT). DMT creates an increase in serotonin receptors within the brain whereas pharmaceutical anti-depressants produce a dramatically reduced number of serotonin receptors. An increase in serotonin receptors means the brain is ready to receive and cope with an increase of activity and therefore information. DMT facilitates the mind to function in a different way altering its modus operandi and also allows for a far more increased capacity. DMT is not only a mind altering substance, but can actually alter states of consciousness. Experiences in altered states of consciousness are important for the growth and development of Humanity, but how these altered states are achieved is the point of contention.
Depending on the method of achieving an altered state, be it through a ritual, prayer, chemically induced or, as I prefer - simply through one's heart, will then determine what realities are accessed. The method creates the level of knowledge and wisdom to be obtained. Some people call DMT 'the spirit molecule', as it literally stimulates the brain and the mind into opening a portal of consciousness into other realms, paradigms and dimensions. People actually travel into the cosmos with their consciousness and often end up interacting with beings from other realities. This all sounds totally amazing, and it is - if your only point of reference is our current earthly reality, also known as the Matrix. However, if one has a greater point of reference such as personally experiencing other realities and/or the Love and Knowledge in the depths and stillness within one's heart and One's Soul Essence, then one realises that enlightenment through the pineal gland is a chemically induced form of enlightenment. It calibrates and attunes one's lower consciousness into the cosmic mind of the god of religions.
The pineal and the cosmic matrix
Some people feel they are merging and communicating with God without realising they are actually viewing the lower Universal paradigm through the lenses of this god entity's cosmic hive mind. So whilst the love and knowledge people experience and obtain through this process is by our current circumstances incredible and amazing, it is unfortunately still within the confines of the realities and domains of the gods and their archons. People easily forget just how deprived of any true love and knowledge we have been. We are more assimilated into the realities created by these gods and their archons than most are willing to acknowledge and comprehend.
This creates a different path to the one I am sharing. The pathway via the pineal gland takes one into a 4th Dimensional cosmic mind matrix. People tend to forget that the pineal gland is located in the head, in the brain and is therefore a connection to a mental construct. Be it earthly or cosmic, it is still a mental construct because the knowledge and wisdom I am sharing is about the path of the heart that resides beyond the Chakra Body.
If one looks back through our recorded history one can see that the pineal gland has been venerated as the seat of the soul in many cultures throughout the ages. I absolutely do not agree with that perspective as I feel and know the seat of my soul is in my heart and not in my head.
Many people think that the pineal is a dormant gland but that is not so. It is already functioning and decoding right now. Not only is it functioning on a physical level but also on a matrix level. It is currently influencing our minds and people are not aware that it is operating in this manner. It is not only decoding your nervous system signals into endocrine system signals and vice versa, but also decodes a lower spectrum of frequencies related to the Moon Matrix. When one stimulates the Pineal Gland and does what some people call 'Pineal Gland activation' through a series of rituals or exercises, all one is really doing is just recalibrating it to 4th dimensional cosmic mind matrix frequencies. Because people now consciously want this biological implant decoder to receive a more powerful spectrum of energetic frequencies this implant literally begins to morph physically to expand and grow. It becomes more energised because one is now accessing those greater frequencies of the cosmic matrix. The more one connects into this 4th Dimensional cosmic mind matrix, the more the pineal gland is stimulated and seemingly comes alive.
To use an analogy; think of the pineal gland like a tuner in a television. If one understands electricity and I mean really and truly understands it, then one begins to realise that electricity is a living consciousness and therefore a living entity. Electricity contains an incredible amount of information and knowledge within it. Our bodies are a vessel of living conscious electrical signals. Our brains also function as a network of living conscious electrical signals.
The electricity is the real life force animating our technological equipment into being. But the television is functioning on a superficial layer of programs that come in on radio waves. It is the same setup for Humanity because there is a superficial layer of programs that we are functioning from.
The juice that animates us into being is our Spirit Consciousness which comes from our Higher Self and our Soul Essence, and it enters through one's heart. The juice that animates a television into being is the electricity and it enters the television through the power supply which is therefore the heart of the television. There is a part in the television called the 'tuner' which is how the television receives signals and decodes those signals which then become the programs projected onto the screen. The television tuner is designed to pick up signals that are floating all around us which we cannot see. We have a part in us which performs the same function and it is called the pineal gland. We established that the pineal is a decoder of signals as it converts nervous system signals into endocrine hormonal signals and vice versa; but that is its function on a physical level. So what about its functionality on an energetic level?
What if the pineal gland is a multi-dimensional implant?
This god and its archons are a multidimensional cabal with a multidimensional assault on our Humanity, so it makes perfect sense given who we are and what we are capable of, that they would manipulate us with a multi-dimensional implant.
Depending on which frequency the tuner of your television is calibrated to, will depend on which program gets projected. A particular frequency tunes you in to one channel and program. When another frequency is chosen a different channel/program/reality is accessed then projected and experienced. Those radio waves are synthetic relative to the living consciousness of electricity. They have been constructed by people who want you to see their programs. These programs are created and their signal is transmitted from a central location and relayed to local towers. The tuner inside the television picks up the signal from these towers and the signal is then decoded. The transmitted synthetic reality is then projected onto the screen so that it may be experienced. The living consciousness of electricity that has all the knowledge and wisdom contained within it is completely bypassed and even neglected. The synthetic program is what has now become the generally accepted reality. It is the same principal for the pineal gland.
The signal is first sent from a central location being the consciousness of this duplicitous god entity and its reality that it has created. From there the signal is broadcast to us from two local "towers" being the Moon and Saturn. The Moon broadcasts the generally lower and more negatively charged vibrational series of programs of the false synthetic light paradigms. In turn, Saturn broadcasts the generally higher and more sophisticated positively charged vibrational series of programs of the false synthetic light paradigms. The pineal gland then picks up the signals, decodes them and energetically relays the program into our conscious mind. Depending on which program one is calibrated to will then depend on what one's mind is projecting and what experiential reality is being created. The transmitted synthetic reality via the Moon Mind Matrix is the current business/scientific/military industrial complex program, and the Saturn Matrix is the "God"/religion/spiritual series of programs. Our organic living consciousness flowing in through our heart that comes in from our Spirit, Higher Self and Soul Essence which has all the knowledge and wisdom contained within is now bypassed, neglected and forgotten. The synthetic program is what has now become the generally accepted reality.
The pineal gland is where the many programs propagating the concept of "oneness" originate from. Yes we are all one in the sense of unity, harmony and synchronicity but the concepts of oneness that are being disseminated by these programs are promoting more of a collective hive mind construct. When I use the term 'collective hive mind', I am using it in the context of a bee hive or an ant colony. These are the types of oneness programs that the gods and their archons have created.
People don't realise that the Matrix has different levels of functionality. The Matrix is a multi-dimensional program. We not only have the earthly matrix but we also have the galactic matrix and even a cosmic matrix. The pineal gland is designed to decode the matrix signals of the realities of the gods and their archons. These series of signals that the matrix is continuously imposing upon us get verified through the five senses. The gods and their archons not only have the programs coming in through the pineal gland but they have set up this physical reality which validates their signals that we are receiving internally through our minds and associated mental constructs. When we look around us we are experiencing and constantly having this synthetic reality validated with the mind control programs of media, education, medical and political programs, cultural and religious programs. It's everywhere. It's all around us. The energetic matrix is being validated in the physical.
Look at how many different mental programs are running in our societies today. Look at how new ones are being continually created; it is a forever evolving process. Humanity is being compartmentalised and even those compartments are being compartmentalised and those newly created compartments are being further compartmentalised. Our awareness is inside this incredible array of programs. The level of sophistication borders on pure genius. It is like an organism that just keeps growing. It is an organism of Human mental constructs. The key to this whole program of mind control with all these different programs is to understand that the pineal gland is the decoder. It is the tuner and the receiver of the matrix signals entering through the chakra body. It is what influences the mind and is perversely brilliant. Imagine all the different programs on offer from the paradigms of the gods and their archons. Think of their array of programs the same as your TV Guide. When you read through the TV guide you then choose a program depending on what is in alignment with your topic of interest and what reality you wish to experience.
Pineal - religion connection
We have the current functionality of our mind inside the 3rd Dimensional Moon Matrix programs which are the lower vibrational earth bound day-to-day living programs. These are more driven by desire, materialism, competition, lust and greed. The unpleasant by-products of these programs are fear-based thoughts and emotions; including depression, loneliness, abandonment, helplessness, frustration, disconnection, envy, victimhood and pain. People then feel the need to have a more other worldly experience and end up going to their church or temple, synagogue or mosque, gurus or meditation groups for respite, guidance and council. Through the programs and processes of prayer, rituals and/or meditative practices the pineal gland is stimulated and other realities and domains are accessed. Depending on the program that you are more aligned with and wanting to experience depends on what program you are being calibrated to and what reality of the gods you experience. If you are a Christian and you are worshipping and therefore energetically feeding a Jesus figure then that is the program you are aligned with. That is the reality your conscious awareness is going to enter into. This is where the creator god of this program which you have been worshipping and feeding, will be waiting to greet you adorned with the matching Jesus image that the god's earthly ambassadors called the priestly caste have been propagating, selling and even imprinting into the psyche of Humanity for the past few thousand years. Or, you may meet one or more of this god's archons who will adorn the image of an angelic being or an ascended master so that your program, also known as your belief system, will be there to greet you.
I am simply helping people to understand that all these programs of worship are really just the programs of these gods and their archons. Following is a list of how all the main religions make use of the pineal gland or 'third eye' in one way or another.
CHRISTIANITY: The original meaning of the cross represents the sword which symbolises truth and the four basic energetic streams that manifest life into its created form being Love, Knowledge, Feminine and Masculine. Touching the head is the Knowledge, touching the chest is the Love, the left shoulder is the Feminine and the right shoulder is the Masculine. Later, after the church was formed, it is believed that the sign of the cross was made only on the forehead by using one finger. Before Easter, some Christian worshippers use ash paste to mark the sign of the cross on their forehead.
ISLAM: During prayer, the Muslims kneel on a prayer carpet, face the direction of Kaaba in Mecca, believed to be the centre of the Earth and touch the ground with their forehead. This prayer ritual is performed five times a day.
JUDAISM: The Jewish people wear a Tefillin during their Morning Prayer. The Tefillin are two small cube leather boxes which contain scrolls of Torah passages. One box is placed on the arm and the other on the forehead. Before prayer, they position the head Tefillin on the forehead just above the hairline. When the prayer is completed, the wearer repositions the Tefillin in the middle of their forehead just below the hairline. In addition, Jews sway their body back and forth with their forehead pointing downwards during prayer at the Wailing Wall.
ZOROASTRIANISM: Zoroastrians mark their forehead with cold sandalwood ash.
HINDUISM: The Hindu outwardly show the pineal gland by drawing a mark on the forehead known as Tilka or Tilak or Tilakam. The mark on the forehead of men takes the form of a line or lines and on women it takes the form of a dot. Some call it Bindi.
BUDDHISM: Buddhist deities are often depicted with the third eye in the centre of the forehead. Other Buddhist deities are depicted with a pine cone headdress.
TAOISM: In Taoism, students have third eye training. This involves focusing attention, while their eyes are closed, at a central point on the forehead between the two eyebrows.
Granted, each of these religions has their explanation and justification in regards to the use of the forehead, the third eye and therefore the pineal gland. However, the common theme is there for all to see.
Different pineal glands are tuned to different realities depending on which type or style of method is implemented, meaning which religious practice one uses. One person's pineal is tuned to a different set of programs compared to another and that is one of the main reasons an individual's experience is so profoundly different to someone else's. The pineal gland receives the signal/signals depending on which realm or realms of the false light paradigms in the 4th dimensional cosmic mind matrix, is required. That is why when one takes a closer look at the basic program behind all the different religions, they all end up steering the worshipper towards using the pineal gland in one way or another whether the program is obvious or in some cases cleverly obscured or disguised.
So the gods have created a menagerie of different realms and realities and associated deities to cater for different cultures and mindsets. It is also part of their greater strategy of divide and conquer. "My god is the one true god!" is what religious fanatics and zealots say. It is like barracking for a football team. Furthermore, if you get bored, uncomfortable or disillusioned with one religion/deity/program, then another is on offer to stimulate, lure and capture your awareness. If they don't entrap you into one cosmic paradigm/program, then they can entrap you with another.
Like the tuner on a television, you can change the dial and go into different levels of programs. You can even modify that tuner to receive really sophisticated signals that not many people can pick up. It's the same thing if you work with and modify the Pineal Gland you can actually start picking up really specialised signals. Specialised practices result in the attunement of specialised signals and therefore a connection to specialised realities. The gods and their archons have created these realities which they call the heavenly realms and they only want "special people" in there because it is a "special place". People have to earn their way in through a process of ritualistic prayers and meditations, techniques and practices all designed to give one's power over to the "higher authority". So in truth it is all about guilt driven atonement and conformity. It is the god's version of a heavenly realm and the way you get in there is by enlightenment via the Pineal gland.
My own experiences show that connecting with the Universe in a natural sense is achieved through one's heart and greater aspects of self. Other people I talk to also share the same experience. We all know our Heart is where the true stuff of life is made from. Our true Soul purpose and our intuitive heart guidance of where to go, what to do and how to live life all originates from the heart. We have instead been living this other authoritarian program which comes in through the Pineal Gland in all its varieties and forms, especially the sophisticated subtleties of some of the passive aggressive programs.
Pineal symbolism
The pineal gland has been symbolised by the pine cone spanning recorded history for about the last 6,000 years and beyond. The pine cone has also served as a symbolic representation of the Third Eye and Human Enlightenment. It continues to be used today with this symbol being hidden in plain sight. The following pictures show how the pineal gland is a common theme that has travelled down through the ages and has been incorporated one way or another into every religion, secret society and the occult. It is also the foundational philosophy of the modern day new age movement which is nothing more than a sophisticated version of religion designed to capture the attention and consequently the travelling spirit of those whose awareness had risen beyond the trappings of religious doctrine.
Ancient Assyrian stone reliefs showing carvings of their gods presenting the symbolic pine cone.
Ancient Mesopotamian god presenting symbolic pine cone
Dionysus with his staff and symbolic pine cone on the end.
Lord Shiva with pine cone headdress and a stream of light coming out of the top of the head, meaning from the pineal gland.
Lord Buddha with pine headdress on and flame symbolising Kundalini energy emerging from top of head. Also Buddha standing on a platform adorned with pine cone/pineal symbolism.
Egyptian Eye was originally a symbol created by the ancient Egyptian priestly caste to represent the flow of kundalini around the pineal gland and their version of enlightenment.
Pine cone symbolism outside a Freemason's building. It is prevalent throughout Freemasonry.
This enormous statue in the Vatican is a major pine cone/pineal gland symbol which also includes the head of Zeus.
More Vatican pine cone symbolism including on the pope's staff. The priesthoods from the ancient past live on.

As you can see, the chakra pineal program is not just simply a conspiracy theory, nor is it speculation; it is a very real program. This entity who is the god of the religions who claims to be the one and only creator and ruler of all things on all levels of all that is and all that exists, has systematically infiltrated our spiritual teachings over thousands of years and has infected the Human psyche with this most sophisticated program of cosmic deception.
It is written, 'Even the elite will be deceived!'
The kundalini connection
The word Kundalini literally means coiled. In yoga, a "corporeal energy" - an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force or Shakti, lies coiled at the base of the spine. It is envisioned as a goddess or as a sleeping serpent; hence a number of English renderings of the term such as 'serpent power'. The kundalini energy resides in the sacrum bone in three and a half coils and has been described as a sleeping, dormant potential force in the human organism. It is one of the components of an esoteric description of the 'subtle body', which consists of nadis (energy channels), chakras (psychic centres), prana (subtle energy), and bindu (drops of essence).
Kundalini is described as being coiled up at the base of the spine, usually within muladhara chakra. The image given is that of a serpent coiled three and a half times around a smoky grey lingam. Each coil is said to represent one of the three gunas, with the half coil signifying transcendence.
Through meditation, and various esoteric practices, such as Kundalini Yoga, Sahaja Yoga, and Kriya Yoga, the kundalini is awakened, and can rise up through the central nadi, called sushumna, that rises up inside or alongside the spine. The progress of kundalini through the different chakras leads to different levels of awakening and mystical experience, until the kundalini finally reaches the top of the head, Sahasrara chakra, producing an extremely profound mystical experience that is said to be indescribable. (From Wikipedia)
Kundalini Caduceus
I mentioned earlier about how the gods and their archons have created realities that are designed to funnel the energy of the beings and their experiences towards the gods and their archons so they may consume this energy and empower themselves. Despite the flavour of the images remember this is not just an Eastern philosophical issue, as this practise comes in many guises and has infiltrated every culture in one way or another. For example, in the Eastern religions it is known as the 'Primal Mother' and in the Christian religion, the Kundalini is known as the 'Holy Spirit' or 'Holy Ghost'. In Freemasonry the kundalini is called 'Spirit Fire' which rises up through the spine, the 32 vertebrae or the '32 Degrees' of initiation towards the pineal, with enlightenment being the '33rd Degree'.

The energetic program called the Kundalini is not a natural part of our original organic makeup. Some people think we cannot survive without it, but that is absolutely false! That is their programed belief system that brainwashes beings into believing such nonsense. These gods want you to believe that you cannot exist without them and their programs; total dependency and domination! It is so obvious, yet people are so blinded.
From my personal experiences, my conclusions bring me to make this next statement:
The Kundalini is the fundamental component in the greatest deception ever imposed onto our Human Race! It is the most cunning element to the fragmentation, manipulation and control of Humanity.
To understand the inner concepts and functionality of this most intricate and deceptive cosmic program, first we need to understand the naturally occurring energies we create by simply living from the heart. Then, I will explain the synthetic version created by the gods.
Organically in the Universe, a Being will have an experience that is purely generated from the level of the Soul Essence which then flows forward to the Higher Self and then into the heart of one's incarnation. The initial outward expression is a positive charge which results in one having a naturally occurring forward momentum. This foray forward into new experiences in life results in Soul growth and development generated from the knowledge and wisdom gained. What happens next is that the negative charge of the Universe in co-creation with ones Greater Essence and Higher Self, then provides the resistance through the creation of challenges in one's journey. This negative energy resists and restricts our growth and development by imposing programs of limitation. The resisting energy provides even greater experiences than before, which in turn produce an even greater level of knowledge and wisdom, growth and development than was previously experienced. In that moment when the forward moving energy and the resisting energy meet, like between the jaws of a vice, right in that pressure point is where the spark of life gets created. It is where and when magic happens and the alchemical processes of life take place; like the moment when a piece of coal is turned into a diamond. This energy in itself is highly specialised energy: it is food for the Soul. Our Souls are fed and nurtured by that spark. They thrive on it and it creates an incredible amount of growth and empowerment within a Being. This is the nature and essence of Light.
Because the gods have tried their best to replicate and create their own version of the Universe down here in the Great Arena, it was a given that if there was an existing energy that created tremendous empowerment, they would undoubtedly want and need to make their own version of this specialised energy. Some may ask the obvious question: "Why don't they just live the experiences and create their own natural organic spark themselves?" The answer to that question is that they have become so self-absorbed, self-deluded and in particular so self-righteous, that they see themselves as being above and beyond any such process. They regard themselves as the rulers and they do not have any issues within themselves that need addressing. Another question that may arise in some people's minds may be, "Why don't they just consume the already existing organic version instead of having to make their own?" Because they have moved into such a synthetic way of life, the frequency of the energy that is created by living from one's heart, one's Higher Self and Soul Essence, is an energy that is now detrimental to their current synthetic state of being. For the most part, they simply do not have access to those organic and harmonic frequencies. These naturally occurring energies are mostly beyond their scope and spectrum of reality. The energies of wisdom and the spark of life move beyond the Great Void and into the realms of the Higher Self and then into the realms of the Soul Essence.
Many think that the energy being consumed by these gods, their archons and associated entities is the energy of fear and its many expressions - such as anger, jealousy, violence competition, pain, frustration and hatred. This is only half the picture! These gods have created realities and domains using a foundational energy of both sides of duality. People omit the fact that they also feed on love with a small 'L' which I refer to as conditional love, because conditions apply with that form of love. Love in its purest form is untouchable by these gods. Remember the ancient program of, problem - reaction - solution. The fear-based feeding systems are the problem; the yearning for something better is the reaction and their solution is the Kundalini, Chakra, pineal program version of enlightenment.
Because of our genetic and energetic makeup being a fractal of the Universe, the gods knew that if they were to control and dominate us, they had to create and implement a program that replicates both energetic streams of duality. This is a clever design to reach as far into us as possible, to blur the lines between the natural organic Universe and their synthetic version. The synthetic version of the spark of life that is produced, or dare I say 'farmed' by the gods, is created in the following manner:
The Kundalini contains two streams of energy which replicate the two aspects of Universal Light and waveform - meaning, positive and negative, light and dark, love and fear, masculine and feminine. Our spinal column is an extension of the brain and is our omphalus, our pillar of operandi and our central pillar of functionality, also referred to as the tree of life. This creates an interesting and intriguing perspective to Eve and the serpent in the tree does it not? The perfect location for the gods to implant the primary and fundamental component of their most sophisticated program of control is represented by the serpent energy intertwining up the spine, intersecting at the chakra points.
The synthetically created positive charge replicating the Universal positive energies is one energetic stream of the Kundalini. It has hijacked the image of the Sun and deceptively represents the Divine Masculine. The other energetic stream of the Kundalini is the synthetically created negative charge replicating the Universal negative energies and is represented by the moon. The Moon has hijacked the image of the Divine Feminine and deceptively represents her. Our Mother Earth is the Divine Feminine! These replicated negative and positive energies are the foundation to the gods' version of creating that spark of life.
Food of the gods
At each point up the spinal column where the two energies intersect is where the overlay of the cosmic software program called the chakra system connects and interfaces with the internal energetic cosmic software program, the kundalini. Where the tip of the vortex of the chakra point meets with the Kundalini in the spine is where the synthetic version of the spark of life is created.
This intersecting synthetic energy is where and how the pressure point gets created in the program of the gods. It is the point between the proverbial jaws of the vice, as the negative serpent stream intersects with the positive serpent stream; where synthetic dark meets synthetic light. The chakra provides the active ingredient. In this moment a sphere of energy is created. This sphere of energy is the gods' version of the spark of life.
This is the energy they most desire and now insanely thirst for! Just as our natural and organic experiences, created from the heart, produce the energetic food to empower our souls, this synthetic version is their sweet nectar which they absolutely need to feed on for empowerment. Because of our genetic and energetic make up, attesting we are a fractal of the Universe, we access more life force than any other Beings in the Universe. When a Human creates this energy, never have they been fed so much addictive power in all of their existence!

Seven main chakras, therefore seven points of contact manufacturing seven main different flavours of energy. These spheres of energy are harvested like fruit being harvested from a tree. They are farming us. It is the perfect program. Not only is it a program of influence and control, but it is also a program of production of energy for their food. Through this cosmic software program of the Kundalini, the Chakra system and the pineal gland; they influence us, they control us, they lure and steer people into their domains and realities, and they have us producing spheres of energy so they may feed off us, all at the same time. Pure genius!
Each chakra point relates to a different behavioural pattern and energy. In reality, this gives them seven main entry points or portals of manipulation. A person's behavioural pattern and energy can be activated in a particular chakra from an inter-dimensional location by an archon or entity working for the gods' empire. For example, if it is the sacral chakra being targeted, a person is influenced and stimulated, and therefore steered into participating in more of the behavioural patterns associated with excess sexual desire and some people are manipulated into deviance. On a more positive note, people who embrace this Kundalini chakra program use it for an experience of what they see as "Divine Sacred Union" through sexual rites, rituals and practices. It is commonly known as Tantra. However, Divine Sacred Union occurs naturally through the heart and does not need the vehicle of the serpent energy running up the spine to be achieved. In that moment - be it a positive or negative approach, when a person is acting upon that desire and is consciously or unconsciously activating the Kundalini flow, and the Chakra vortex point or tip connects into the Kundalini column of energy, the gods' spark of energy is created. For the participants it will seem incredibly euphoric and even feel divine in nature, but regardless of all the bliss and bedazzlement, it still creates the synthetic spark of life that they feed off. It is the trade-off. The benefits and gifts of bliss, euphoric sensations, ecstasy, good health, vitality, longevity and a promise of an opportunity to enter a "heavenly realm" are offered in exchange for your surrender and devotion to their programs. It is literally handing over the power of your spirit to the gods.
The more people are caught up in these behavioural program loops, the more these energies are created for the entities, the archons and their gods, to feed upon. When two people argue, the energy produced between them is within the associated chakras turning and "churning" the energetic pot. This occurs at the pressure points, depending on how many chakras are being utilised, and is creating or "cooking" the meal of energy. Humanity in its natural state is humane, but we are continually being held in perpetual merry-go-rounds of habitual behaviours by the energetic programs being implemented and superimposed over our natural state of being. These energetic programs and mind control programs come in many guises. They are the religious, educational, cultural, medical and political programs. This includes business, military and defence programs, and highly sophisticated spiritual programs as well. These programs in every guise have infiltrated all aspects of life. It is the view of some that it is the chakras responding to our behaviour; but that is due to an inability to come to terms with the possibility of it being the other way around.
When people are sick, new age healers will say that their chakras are out of balance and that they need rebalancing. Again, this is a case of, problem - reaction - solution. The illness is created from the undesirable negatively charged programs the gods and their archons are implementing in our societies; the reaction is someone looking for help and the solution is the rebalancing of the chakras which then makes a person feel "healthy" again. The person ends up feeling comfortable, safe and secure within the greater program. The balancing of the chakras is the remedy which is simply realigning and recalibrating the person into the gods' frequencies, paradigms and realities - better known as the Cosmic Matrix. People are being made to feel more comfortable with the overlay of the "program of the gods" on the entire planet. They are being assimilated!
The fatigue and pain many people experience relates to the kundalini, chakra and pineal programs being imposed onto someone whose vibration is not a match. The person ends up having a negative energetic reaction due to mismatched energies. I know this from my own personal experience, having been debilitated for over a decade with this issue. What people refer to as 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' and 'Fibromyalgia' are the physical symptoms or side-effects of these programs being implemented onto people who then have a negative reaction to the programs.
Some people think that because they do not consciously partake in any Kundalini rituals and practices that they are free from this cosmic software program. One example: someone that reads the bible sees themselves as a disciple of Jesus and is waiting to be saved by this deity. First, the fact that they are waiting to be saved is an issue to begin with because they are already in the program of subservience and therefore eager to give their power away. When this person is in the presence of this deity, or one of his archons, seen or unseen, the god entity or archon who has assumed the identity of the personality and character of the Jesus of the bible, energetically connects to that person's chakra program. The false deity energetically connects to the person's pineal gland to stimulate it, releasing DMT which strokes the central nervous system, inducing bliss and euphoria. This can overwhelm the person so that they truly believe they are in the presence of their god. In turn, this aids in the calibration of that person's conscious awareness to open a portal into the realities and domains of this deity. The crème de la crème is when this deity stimulates and then activates the Kundalini which the "Christian" disciple knows as 'the Holy Spirit' or 'The Holy Ghost'. When the Kundalini, with all its feelings of euphoria and ecstasy reaches the pineal, the person is then consciously connecting to the cosmic hive mind of the god and ends up truly believing they are having a "Godly" experience. This same principal applies for every religion, every secret society, occult and eastern philosophy. It is also being used by the so-called angels and ascended masters in the modern day new age movement. People are having these experiences all over the world and truly believe they are communicating with beings from the realms of "God".
If one accepts the Kundalini/Chakra program as a way of life and the path forward into enlightenment and eternal life, then one embraces this program, surrenders to it and becomes immersed into its energetic realities and domains. Those who have been through it now see it for what it is and are moving beyond it. Others will simply judge and fear it, but they won't really understand or master it until they themselves walk that path. This Kundalini chakra pineal program is an overall negative program because it lures and entraps beings within its realities, paradigms and domains. It is designed to assimilate beings/people into the Cosmic Matrix. It is a program of limitation which is designed to resist and restrict free-flowing, forward moving consciousness. It fools beings into thinking that they are moving forward into a spiritual awakening. But in truth they are not. One has been fooled and entrapped into believing one is connecting with and becoming Universal consciousness, when all the while it was simply the cosmic hive mind of a god entity. One is simply going from the tiny arena of the earthly matrix into the much bigger playground of the Cosmic Matrix. Those that choose this path will truly feel it is the right thing to do and will be blinded by the beauty and splendour of the program. They will be incoherent to any other viewpoint and in fact will defend it vehemently. Whether it is a major religion or an eastern philosophy, a secret society, occult or new age movement, the behaviour is the same: that of a religious zealot.
In summary, there is a group of gods and their archons that have come to this planet in order to control our Earth Mother and Her Humanity. They did this by systematically steering us from an incredibly high level of knowledge, wisdom, Beingness and high functionality, down to the level of reacting in a hormonal and instinctive mode - just like the animal kingdom. Then, they took all of that reactive hormonal and instinctive behaviour and combined it with our Human emotions and the labyrinth of our Human mind. What an incredible formula they have created for the enslavement of their Human herd and its production of energy so that they may feed and empower themselves.
This cosmic chakra program is how this god entity is baiting people. The complete cosmic chakra software program comprising 12 chakras matches up an energetic vortex with each of the replicated 12 DNA strands. It is designed to re-activate people into that old "godly" state of being. We have already had twelve strands and have ventured down the path of compression so that we may birth anew. It was known through Universal Lore that we would be relinquishing our original organic 12 strands as we embarked on this journey into compression. This god entity is trying to manipulate that lost memory of 12 strands and coerce people into reactivating them and return to that "godly" way of being; hence, the replicated 12 strands. This is going backwards. It is not birthing a new way of life but simply aimed at recycling you back into the cosmic arena and is an attempt to simulate an enslaved version of what we once were in the early stages of this road to compression. This god entity has done such a great job of wiping out knowledge of the past and creating such a negative, dark and undesirable existence here that people's yearning and aching for something better is turning into desperation which clouds the power of discernment. People are flocking to these programs like a child takes to candy.
Beware of the cosmic candy!
Moving back out and beyond the Great Arena, I just want to remind you once again not to be overwhelmed with fear at the extent and scale of manipulation and deception. Knowledge is power, and the initial reaction some may experience upon realising what is happening to our Humanity, can be a feeling of disempowerment. This is a natural reaction but please know that it is only the programed ego reacting and is temporary. I went through it myself. Everybody who is awakening and experiencing astonishment at the scale and genius of this deception and manipulation goes through this process to varying degrees. Then, if you once again rise above the drama and shift your perspective back up into the Higher Self and beyond into the Soul Essence, we can easily see that this has been the most amazing of challenges to test us using the best this Universe has to offer. Rise above the drama of the Great Arena and move beyond victimhood and into empowerment. Remember: we wanted this and we agreed to this! We chose to incarnate and experience this reality right at the very end of the cycle! This is the Cycle for Life Eternal, at the end of the road to compression, zero point and perfect balance. We created an embodiment that is a fractal of the Universe and it needed to be tested to the nth degree. As the embodiment of the Universe itself, we needed to be tested by the most powerful programs of manipulation this Universe has to offer and that is what we got! The challenge is to recognise the kundalini/chakra/pineal program, see it for what it is and move beyond it. The way we do this is by simply living from our heart. Gratitude is a major key to empowerment. Acknowledge the supreme cosmic program of deception/limitation for its genius and be grateful for its service, for you would not have the wisdom and the empowerment without it. We know we are now done and it is time to move beyond it. The way we go about it is for our earthly egos to release and surrender control of this life to the greater aspects of Self that reside within our hearts.
It is said, 'The kingdom of heaven is within'.
I will go into further detail of going within and into one's heart later in the book.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sociopaths change how we look at the world

From:  Love Fraud 

By  August 12, 2013

Most of us grow up believing that all people are created equal, that human beings are basically good, and everybody wants to be loved. These are the messages we learn in school, in church, and in the age of political correctness, from the media.
These beliefs are the lenses through which we view the world and the people in it. Our beliefs influence how we perceive and understand the behavior of those we meet. And, for about 90 percent of the population, the beliefs work just fine.
Bad treatment
Then we realize that someone in our life isn’t treating us well. We may think this person is reacting to our behavior, that we’re doing something to provoke anger or elicit criticism — after all, that’s what we’re told.
We know we’re not actually doing what we’re accused of doing, so we try to figure out where the outbursts and hostility are coming from — did he or she have a difficult childhood? Is he or she still suffering from the pain of a former relationship?
We try to be understand and accept. We stop asking questions; we stop doing things that “push buttons.” But nothing changes. In fact, we’re treated worse than ever.
So we take to the Internet to find out the reason for the behavior. We Google “pathological lying” or “domestic abuse” or “cheating.” Or, we describe our experiences friend, and our friend says, “It sounds like a sociopath.”
We find a checklist of sociopathic behavior, and, to our shock and dismay, it exactly describes the person who is causing us so much pain.
Why do they do it?
I can’t tell you how many times Lovefraud readers have told me stories that follow this basic outline.  When I talk to people on the phone, the question I hear most often is, “Why do they do that?”
  • Why do they lie, even when they’d be better off telling the truth?
  • Why do they blame me for everything?
  • Why won’t they let me go, when they’re already seeing someone else?
  • Why are they telling everyone that I’m mentally unbalanced?
  • Why do they want to ruin me?
The answer to these questions is: They act this way because they’re sociopaths, and that’s what sociopaths do.
Shattering beliefs
Learning that sociopaths exist is like an earthquake, a tsunami, for our belief system.
Our ideas that that all people are created equal, that human beings are basically good, and that everybody wants to be loved are not totally correct. Yes, these ideas apply to most people in the human race — but not everyone. A certain percentage of the people who live among us are fundamentally different, rotten to the core, and unable to love.
This is why experiences with sociopaths are so disorienting. Not only have we suffered physical, financial, emotional or psychological abuse, but we are also forced to accept that our entire understanding of life and other people is flawed.
This is why we feel like the rug has been pulled out from under us. This is why we feel like we cannot trust ourselves. Realizing that social predators live among us causes our world view to collapse.
What we have learned, through painful experience, is that there are exceptions to what we previously believed. We now know that there are people who look just like us and act just like us — at least when we first meet them. But their objective is not to live alongside us; instead, they want to exploit us.
We now know that sociopaths exist. With this information we can modify our world view, realizing that we must carefully evaluate the people we let into our lives.