Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What NOT to do when you realize you’re involved with a sociopath

From:  Love Fraud 

by Donna Andersen

You’ve been living in insanity. Your partner seems to randomly lash out or give you the silent treatment, and then says you’re to blame. Your finances are in shambles, and you’re to blame for that too — even if you’re the only one working. You are positive that this person is cheating on you, but he or she insists you are paranoid and delusional.

Or, in a variation on a theme, you are living with the distinct feeling that something is amiss, although you can’t quite figure out what it is.

You Google terms like “emotional abuse” or “signs of cheating” or “love and deceit.” Eventually you end up on Lovefraud.

Suddenly, everything makes sense. The articles describe what you’re experiencing. Other people are telling stories that sound just like yours.

You realize that you’re involved with a sociopath.

You are horrified — this personality disorder sounds really, really bad, and there is no treatment for it.

But you are also relieved — now you know you are not crazy — it’s him (or her).
So what do you do with this information?

First, here’s what NOT to do: Do NOT confront the sociopath.

Even though you want to say, “I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE!!!”

Even though you want to defend yourself, “IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU!!!”
Don’t do it.

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, keep the information to yourself and carefully plan what you’re going to do next.  MORE

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