Friday, January 4, 2013

Is Ann Coulter a Psychopath? What do YOU think?

Ann Coulter is not generally know for her niceness.  Some believe this is a put-on, staging to sell books, but there is a darker possibility which, especially today when personality disorders are becoming more widely and deeply understood, must be considered.   Is Ann a psychopath?  Or is it all stage dressing for a career which would, otherwise, not have become so lucrative? 

Throughout her career as a pundit and conservative icon, self-described polemicist and controversialist Ann Coulter has demeaned and dehumanized innocent human beings. Here is a small sampling.

1.      Coulter betrayed her client, Paula Jones, preventing Jones from settling a sexual harassment case against Bill Clinton. Coulter took credit for “helping” Jones vindicate herself, but as a result, Jones’ 
marriage collapsed and Jones became destitute. After Jones posed for Penthouse to support her family, Coulter called her “trailer-park trash,” the very charge she was defending Jones from in the first place. – see Case Study # 1, Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory,

2.      In the name of “helping” six-year-old Cuban refugee Elián González, Coulter attacked his father, lied about the law, and referred to Elián’s “bastardy.” – see Case Study # 4, Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory,
3.      Coulter defamed four liberal activists who were widowed on 9/11. Coulter claimed these “McWidows” were “harpies” who were “enjoying their husbands’ deaths” – see Chapter 8, The Gospel According to Ann Coulter, and Chapter 6, The Beauty of Conservatism,
4.      Coulter defamed talk show host Donnie Deutsch, whom she said needed to become a “perfect Christian.” After offending Deutsch, Coulter’s method of damage control was to defame the victim and accuse him of setting her up. – see Chapter 17, The Gospel According to Ann Coulter, and Chapter 6, The Beauty of Conservatism,
5.      One Coulter meme is that she is a “victim” of the Left, even though she herself victimizes others. Coulter intentionally put Lydia Cornell’s life in danger by posting Cornell’s personal information on the front apge of her website, where it remained for over a year. Cornell was threatened and stalked during that time frame. – see Chapter 6, The Beauty of Conservatism,

Results of Poll:

13 (72%) YES
  4 (22%) NO
   0 (0%)  It is staging.
   1 (5%)  No, she is an alien.


  1. Ann Coulter is more appropriately considered an "Asshole" in the sense that Aaron James defines in his book "Assholes* *A Theory" She recognizes a moral sense, but believes that she is immune to it, and that what applies to her is different than what applies to all others. She takes it as an affront that anyone would consider that she should follow the same rules.

  2. isn't that the same as the definition for a sociopath?

    1. Hi there! Although there are two terms they do mean the same thing, no matter how much people argue. 'Psychopath' was originated by a psychiatrist in the first decade of the 20th Century. 'Sociopath' was coined by another psychiatrist in the 1930s. No online searches then!

    2. Touché, mon ami..! Game, set, friggin' MATCH...

  3. I say anybody that openly supports and praises sociopaths like Ayn Rand and/or Donald Trump are highly suspect and should have to submit to a psychological examination prior to getting anywhere near me, my money, my home, or anything that I don't want stolen or destroyed.

  4. Ann Coulter is a disgrace to humanity, in one sentence.